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Tactilus® Real-Time Surface Pressure Mapping Technology

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What it does

Tactilus® allows the user to capture and record pressure conditions occurring in between any two contacting or impacting surfaces in real time. The paper-thin Tactilus® sensor is actually placed at the contact interface where it records and assimilates both pressure distribution and pressure magnitude on your Windows® based computer.

Tactilus Sensing Element, Hub and Software

The innovation

Exciting advancements in conductive textiles have allowed us to develop a sensor that conforms better to your surface than ever before. Not only does the sensor conform better to curved surfaces but it stretches to alleviate shearing affects caused by shifting contact surfaces - an innovation that no other sensor company can touch! By biomimicking human skin we've taken surface contact pressure measurement to a whole new level.

Tactilus® now has all the electronics safely encapsulated on the sensor element itself. The Tactilus® sensor consists of a series of interlaced lines that create a matrix with as many as 16,384 unique sensing points. Tactilus® Windows® based software communicates with the sensor up to a theoretical 1,000 frames per second - fast enough for impact force measurement. For users desiring direct interfacing with their own control software Sensor Products can supply an API.

Industries we serve

composite layup, fuel cell, lamination

BGA, connector, fuel cell, heat sink, lamination, LCD bonding, wafer bonding/polishing

nip impression, heat sealing

biomechanics, body mapping

brake pad, clamping, clutch, fuel cell, gasket bolted joint, impact study, lamination

Tactilus® sensor element placed on a lamination pad

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Benefits of Tactilus®

  • Highly conformable and elastic sensor.
  • True calibration. Now NIST traceable.
  • No cumbersome external electronics. They're safely built into the sensor.
  • No training required. Hit the ground running.
  • Durability like no other sensor.

Tactilus® software assimilates complex data into easily accessible graphics

Sensor Specifications
Pressure Range0.1 to 200 PSI (0.007 to 14.1 kg/cm2)
Matrix SizeUp to 64 x 256 lines
ThicknessFrom 12 mils (0.3 mm)
Mat Sensor SizeCustomizable up to 150" (381 cm)
1Scan SpeedUp to 1,000 hertz
Min Sensing Point Size0.188 in2 (1.21 cm2)
StretchabilityUp to 158%
Accuracy± 10%
Repeatability± 2%
Hysteresis± 5%
Non-linearity± 1.5%
CalibrationNIST Traceable
2Software CompatibilityWindows 8, 7, XP

1) Only for some configurations with fewer sensing points.
2) An API can be provided to users who need to real-time connectivity to their own software.