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Client Testimonials

Company: Stelia Aerospace North America Inc

"Prescale works very well - I used it to measure relative pressure gradients in a non-planar composite part to improve void transport during cure. In the end, the film helped prove the gradient was in the wrong direction (toward the center of the part, trapped gases were unable to flow out during cure), so we altered the bagging arrangement to reverse the flow."

Company: Advanced Micro Devices, Inc.

"We presently use extreme low and ultra-low films to perform course evaluation of die contact at all of our global locations. AMD also requests our subs to use the film to document contact as well. We are pretty happy with the film's performance."

Company: Coeur OEM

"We were able to look at our injection molding process on our busiest machine and confirm our questions concerning the need for more clamp pressure. We still have more to do in solving our problem completely, but we were able to utilize your film to help convince our vendor that we did need more pressure. Once given the extra pressure, we retested and saw improvement. Your product did give us a good way to verify if our issue was tied to the mold or our clamping pressure."

Company: B/E Aerospace, Inc.

"Our development questions and answers were aided greatly by the pressure-sensitive film your company offers."

Company: GKN Aerospace

"L+B quality is very good. We would recommend L+B to anyone needing an encoder. We are satisfied with the service from Sensor Products and would recommend them."

Company: GE Industrial Solutions

"The analysis was Great! It helped give us a better view of the variation between the samples and certainly had more detail than we could extract from the basic color scale ourselves. I expect that we will utilize this analysis as we continue with development."

Company: Fres-co System USA, Inc

"Topaq has been a very good investment. We continue to enjoy using it."

Company: NASA

"We could not have accomplished our test program without your help!"

Company: Hanita Coatings

"Surface Profiler Film helped us a lot to make our tests more efficient. We are very satisfied."

Company: Printpack, Inc.

"The Diginip unit is working very well, we are using for to measure the contact between the rolls."

Company: Knowles

"The pressure paper has confirmed my hypothesis about the non-parallelism of our platens, and some additional information about some deformities near the center of the platen as well. Very pleased with the results."

Company: Alliant Techsystems Inc

"Thank you for your support and film analysis efforts. The information we obtained has helped correlate analysis results and proven the analysis tools are performing accurately."

Company: Cummins Inc.

"Topaq is working better than expected. We performed some uncertainty analysis on the calibrated scanner that resulted in less than 2% uncertainty. We are very pleased with the results."

Company: Greene, Tweed & Co.

"I tried your product... It was good to see where vents were on the mold, mainly to see if it was shutting off on the vents. Thank you."

Company: Snuz

"We appreciate your support, and we will certainly recommend Sensor Products to the mattress industry (manufacturing and retailers) as we continue to expand our market. You were definitely a great asset in explaining the advantages of our Snuz mattress to our guests. I sincerely appreciate the care you provided."

Company: Procter and Gamble

"I really appreciate the help you've given me. I needed a product from your company, and you helped me identify exactly what would work."

Company: Folgers Coffee

"Thanks for the help with testing. It definitely helped show the difference between the two caps we are testing. That was one piece of information that gave us the confidence to switch to the "v seal" cap."

Company: Coveris

"I used the Thermoscale Film for the first time, and it worked Great to pinpoint cold sections on a defective seal bar."

Company: Forensic, LLC

"I used the film in my analysis of the design of a flange assembly that leaked, causing extensive water damage to a building. I was able to test an exemplar of the flange that failed using the film, as well as a competitor's flange, and compare the two. By using the pressure film, I was able to visually show the difference in contact (sealing pressure) on the gasket between the two competing designs in my report. I couldn't have asked for a better visual for the report. I am very satisfied with the film."

Company: Berry Plastics Corporation

"The film actually worked very well. So well that our engineers were able to realize that some raised lettering on the bottom of the pail/bucket was the feature causing the cracking we had found. We were able to eliminate this feature by welding the mold and have not had a crack since."

Company: Boston Scientific

"We successfully solved our sealing issue, where the pressure indicating film had a main role in the investigation. We are actually using the pressure indicating film on a low frequency as it has become our last control."

Company: American Axle & Manufacturing, Inc

"FujiFilm Prescale worked fine as we expected, and I want to thank you for the help you provided by converting some of our data. If we have a similar situation in the future, we'll not hesitate to contact you. Thanks again!"

Company: Kraft

"We are using the system with success."

Company: Siemens

"The report looks very good and exactly what I had asked for."

Company: NHS Poole Hospital

"The system is brilliant!"

Company: Arctic Coatings Inc.

"We purchased your "Digi-nip" tool, and we use it quite often. It is an excellent tool... working very well for us!"

Company: FTL Labs Corp.

"We have received the footplate, and it's working great with SPI software."

Company: Hill-Rom

"The flex sensor worked well in our most basic tests."

Company: Department of Mechanical and Automation Engineering

"The pressure mat has just worked fine as we expected!"

Company: FTL Labs Corp.

"I look forward to doing business with Sensor Products in the future."

Company: WG&R Furniture

"The Bodyfitter® system at our stores has improved our ability to properly qualify and ultimately solve our consumers' sleep needs. The output from this system has improved close rate, increased average tickets, and improved customer satisfaction."

Company: Muebles Dico

"We implemented the Bodyfitter® system at our stores in Mexico City, and our sales went amazingly well. The customer felt the diagnosis was extremely professional and met their expectation. Our sales have been increasing every month as a result of this new concept being applied. Thanks for your expert guidance in choosing the right product for our stores."

Company: LamiGraf

"Regarding the Sigma-Nip we bought, I have to say that this tool is helping us to solve a lot of problems in our rotogravure press machines: it was a really good purchase."

Company: Zip-Pack

"We used the film to verify the alignment of the seal bars on the unit we have in the lab. Worked very well."

Company: TRIBAR Manufacturing

"We actually are really enjoying your product. Quick and easy to use, no messy cleanup after For what we currently do, using the provided color chart has been perfect. We just yesterday utilized the pressure sensor film to relieve an area we found that was pressing too hard in one of our molds."

Company: Coloplast

"The film we purchased worked great for the experimental needs of the engineers. Thank you again!"

Company: Verb Surgical

"It worked out extremely well for the experiments we conducted. If there is ever a need for more, I will contact you or refer anyone who is interested."

Company: Viking Technology

"We have had the opportunity to use the pressure film, and it worked wonderfully! It was abundantly clear to us that there was a large pressure difference in our design. We are currently making changes to our design with the new information that the pressure film has provided us."

Company: Forest City Technologies Inc.

"We have found great value in the mold align the paper."

Company: Piero

"We used the software with people that visited our stand. It was an excellent experience and had a high impact on the people who saw it."

Company: Volvo

"So far, the prototype has been completely reliable. Overall I'm very impressed with how well the first unit turned out."

Company: Siemens Energy, Inc.

"Your product worked out perfectly for us."

Company: Manège du Centaure

"The 3D software that you sent me works perfectly! The 3D map looks wonderful and will help us improve our understanding of the pressure repartition."

Company: ChildServe

"We really couldn’t do our jobs as well without your surface pressure mapping technology."

Company: Vention Technologies

"We just received the system, damn, that was really fast shipping! Thank you for the nice cooperation!"

Company: Magna

"The results we received with the updated MPa evaluation are great, and we will be performing a different test next month that will need your services again."

Company: Cisco

"The Topaq system provided very helpful data for our analysis. We will be sending you additional images in the future for analysis."

Company: Disney

"The training session today was very productive, and everyone is excited to have the Topaq scanner here and be able to test items with it."

Company: Campbell's

"The product you introduced to us was fantastic. Being able to look at pressure balancing - and to be able to put the center of pressure marker (like a spirit level) into our setup on the press - is something that we need to be able to show people. This will be a valuable QA tool to make and record the pressure level profile, especially in pre-production, for monitoring the correct alignment of parts."

Company: KADANT, Inc

"Everything went well with the Spray Sensor - we secured the test data we needed and saw the value of long-term use for this system."

Company: Ajinomoto Foods North America, Inc.

"You seem to want this business much more than [Competitor], so I am going with you."

Company: Cantrell•Gainco Group

"You did move a mountain. Thank you."

Company: IDC Tecnología

"The product you sent us has already been used by our final client. It was really useful."

Company: Solar Turbines

"We appreciate your support as both targets have been achieved by your Company: 90% On Delivery and 99.5% on Quality. Please keep up the good work."

Company: Beverly Knits

"We have been testing your sensor, and it has been performing great."

Company: Trusted Semiconductor Solutions

"The Topaq analysis was very thorough and worked as a great example of the difference between the shades of pink from the original film and the full spectrum available after the scan."

Company: C&J Industries

"I received the sample last year, and it worked great."

Company: ZOLL Medical Corporation

"I had the opportunity to try out the Tactilus vest today, and it worked very well."

Company: ZOLL Medical Corporation

"I finished the first round of verification and repeatability testing, and the device has been incredibly useful."

Company: WD Lab Grown Diamonds

"I was able to get some good contrast between the two different sets of items we use. Unfortunately, I can't speak to what we're really doing here with these surfaces, but I can say that we see what we suspected with the differing patterning. Really, really cool stuff and super easy to implement. I dropped a few sets of jaws around the office."

Company: Teel Plastics

"It worked great and did exactly what I needed it to do. You will definitely be our go-to in the future if any needs should arise."

Company: 3M Health Care

"Our testing with the Tactilus 'H' series is complete, and we are very happy with the results and equipment used. There are no new projects at the moment requiring sensor product technology. As soon as there is a new requirement I will contact you for sure."

Company: Calspan

"Thank you for the follow-up. We did take delivery and can confirm it was exactly what we needed and are happy with the product."

Company: Electrolux

"First, let me compliment the fantastic service and timely shipping."

Company: GE Healthcare

"Just to let you know that the tests were quite successful in showing us what is going on under the pressure pads. We now have a plan to rework them for flatness."

Company: Dyno Nobel Inc.

"Awesome data. Thanks for getting that to me."

Company: Lyndra Therapeutics, Inc.

"I just received the samples you sent yesterday and they have been really useful so far."

Company: Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University

"You have been extraordinarily helpful in keeping our Tactilus alive and working for about 10 years now."

Company: Cummins Inc.

"Yes, we received the shipment very quickly after our order was placed. Thanks for the great customer service!"

Company: Boston Scientific Corporation

"I'm really happy with how well it has worked."

Company: Stanford University

"Thanks so much for all your help & incredible responsiveness."

Company: Dana Limited

"We tried the sample, and it did help identify our leak path, so yes, it's useful as a development tool."

Company: WHOOP

"The system on hand works great, so we'll stick with it."


"I want to let you know how much I've enjoyed working with your team, and I really appreciate the support provided to me."

Company: 3D Profiler

"The testing is going super here! We are under pretty good pressure and temperature and are able to control the temp that the grid experiences."

Company: CNH Industrial

"Thanks for checking! You have a great product. My prior use of it in gasket research at Caterpillar was superb!"

Company: McDantim

"We love your film but use it occasionally in development, not production work. It will go out of date before we use it up! There is nowhere else we would go for anything like this."

Company: SNA Amazon Consulting

"Thank you, it's very neat!"

Company: Webasto

"The results for the overall load make sense with what we have found in testing. It looks like the product worked well for our application."

Company: Tyvak Nano-Satellite Systems, Inc.

"We wanted to follow up with you regarding our sample testing, which turned out well, and we were able to get an indication of our force values."

Company: Philips

"While this is just troubleshooting, the general feedback from the team has been extremely positive."

Company: Sleeps FR

"The product is great; we're very satisfied."

Company: Henkel

"The product worked great, thank you."

Company: Macrolab Instrumentos

"We Bought at 2019 and 2018 your Diginip2 solution, and it is an excellent tool."

Company: Korsini Ambalaj San. Tic. A.S.

"We received the nip device and used it two times at annual maintenance. So our operators are happy to use it, and It is very helpful for us. We have saved a lot of time."

Company: Placon

"We final tested out the pressure paper this week, and it worked well for our application."

Company: Revved Industries

"The sample test went well! I've ordered and received a full sheet of the super high prescale. I'm getting set up to test the entire machine. It's a very neat, simple, and informative product for what I'm doing!"

Company: SuperColchones

"Currently, the software is helping with the business. We have great results from its use. The clients do like it and feel good about it."

Company: PamGene

"We have tested the pressure-sensitive film for our assembling tool and have seen some good results, especially in evaluating the homogeneity of pressure on the entire surface."

Company: Hyprlift, Inc.

"Thanks for the report. It looks great."

Company: Data Driven Coaching, LLC

"Good news! That 40 mm sensor works very well with my system!"

Company: Dozee

"We received and tested the system. It seems to be working great."

Company: Thermo Fisher Scientific Inc.

"Got tracking. Again can't tell you enough how much I appreciate your quick response to our need."

Company: Harvard School of Engineering

"I received the results from your technician; these results are really high quality, and thanks for doing that!"

Company: Avery Dennison Smartrac

"I have received the product, and it performs perfectly."

Company: Viasono

"That looks very good, thank you."

Company: Avery Dennison Corporation

"Yes, we did receive the unit, and we used it Saturday, and it worked great."

Company: Northrop Grumman

"I do recall my experience with Sensor Products as being very positive, and I have no qualms about procuring from you in the future. Cheers!"

Company: Daimler Truck AG

"I have received my order. It did work as intended and met expectations."

Company: Good Feet

"The application is looking great to us!"

Company: Vein Access Technologies

"You solved that problem for me!!!!!"

Company: INOVIO Pharmaceuticals

"I wanted to let you know I got a chance to work with the film sample, and it worked great!"

Company: Neurava

"We have received the sensors and are currently testing them. So far, they have been working well. We may purchase more in the future. Thank you!"

Company: Sleep Number

"So far, the Wi-Fi API seems to be working great!"

Company: Hawaii Natural Energy Institute

"Thank you very much for your tremendous assistance and help. I deeply appreciate a super fast reply and shipment from SPI. Have a great day!"

Company: Georgia Institute of Technology

"We got a chance to test the film you sent and thought it worked very well."

Company: Element Materials Technology

"This was exactly what I needed. This saved a lot of time and effort trying to cut each one by hand. I will for sure keep you in mind and let others know what they can expect from sensor products when ordering."

Company: Cox Machine

"We can recognize all your great and prompt support!"

Company: Dozee

"The pressure sensor mat has been very helpful to our research studies."

Company: Siebert

"Wow, talk about underpromising and overdelivering."

Company: Lockheed Martin

"The samples worked well for our application."

Company: Printpack

"The shipment is exactly what we wanted."

Company: GD Energy Products

"This is good stuff!"

Company: Revved Industries

"The testing I did showed great results."

Company: Integrity Industrial Inkjet Integration

"We used the prescale surface pressure mapping film sample you provided us, and it was quite helpful in helping us understand the pressures involved in our application."

Company: Advanced Micro Devices

"Thanks for the great service and support."

Company: EPFL

"I have used the equipment of Tactilus during my Master's thesis. You have really high-quality devices that remain our future prior option."

Company: Dart Container Corporation

"Yes, it was a big help and will help solve some of our process problems."

Company: Haworth Inc.

"It went very well! We were able to test all three of our nip presses; the mat helped us identify areas of low or uneven pressure on all three lines. I thought the software was very easy and intuitive to use."

Company: University of Central Oklahoma

"This is the best sensing mat I have ever tested."

Company: Precision Resource

"Thank you for performing the analysis on the pressure sensor film that we sent you. The results helped us get a better idea regarding the pressure distribution of our tool components and possible areas of improvement."

Company: University of Central Oklahoma

"My experience with the sensing mat is very positive. First, it's easy to set up. I could easily make it work without a manual. Second, the accompanying software is intuitive in displaying the pressure changes, which can be recorded for late analysis."

Company: General Atomics

"Just an FYI… Because of all your help previously, you helped me reach a deadline that we thought was impossible, but thanks to you, I met that deadline and received an MVP award. I will certainly reach out to you in the future. Can you send me a list of other products you provide as well?"

Company: Comandulli North America

"Thank you for your help in all of this it has been appreciated and we will do more business in the future because of this wonderful experience and we will use you as our US supplier of these sensors instead of normally importing from Europe Monthly."

Company: Berlinguette Research

"It's a great product and really simplified our verification process!"

Company: Lithios Inc.

"We plan to restock your product based on our positive experiences with the product."

Company: F Bender Limited UK

"We have received the sample, and it works very well for our application."

Company: Università di Padova

"Very good products."

Company: Super Technologies Pvt Ltd

"An excellent product we used, and we found it very useful."

Company: Sistema Fiep

"It is so amazing! I loved your products before, and I know I will love these new advancements too."

Company: PC Specialist Ltd

"My tests were very successful, and I have recommended that we bring this in."

Company: Linamar Corporation

"Your quick response was valuable in processing the work we needed to get through today."

Company: Arctura, Inc.

"We are happy with the results and the easy testing process with the samples."

Company: LG Energy Solution

"Thank you for your fast response going through this purchase!"

Company: HACK Formenbau GmbH

"The service and delivery were very fast, and my colleague was absolutely enthused about the goods you sent."

Company: Huntsman International LLC.

"We tested the film last week. It went well, and we could get the information we wanted to see (uniformity of the pressure on a bonded sample)."

Company: thyssenkrupp AG

"Yes, the results were very helpful for us in understanding the clamp load differences for our study!"

Company: Los Alamos National Laboratory

"Thank you for reaching out; not very common with vendors, so much appreciated."

Company: WINPAK LTD.

"To date, everything has performed great."