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Tactilus® Flex Sensor

Tactilus® Flex is a thin resistive sensor that produces an output based on the degree that the sensor is bent.

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Tactilus® Flex is ideal for any application or device that requires the measurement of a repetitive bending, striking deflection, acceleration or range of motion. Additionally, Tactilus® Flex is proven for high speed impact measurements.

Tactilus® Flex sensor captures a bending moment and produces a signal proportional to that bend.

A series of stress fractures purposefully introduced, conditions the sensor element to react to moments of bending or impact unlike any other sensor.

The Technology

The Tactilus® Flex sensor is based upon a screen printed resistive ink thin films sensors with introduced stress fractures and voids of uniform dimension and known characteristics. Through this patented fretting process Tactilus® Flex derives its unique characteristic of being able to repeatedly indicate the degree of a bending moment. Other sensors are sometimes capable of indicating when they are bent, but none of them are specifically designed for this purpose and they fail to be repeatable or accurate.

Common Applications Include

  • Human body interface, biomechanics,ergonomic research
  • Air / fluid flow
  • Industrial controls
  • Consumer / industrial products

Benefits over other Technologies

  • Lightweight, thin and low profile
  • A fraction of the price of conventional actuators
  • Non mechanical. Solid state
  • Extraordinarily durable (>35 million cycles)


Each Tactilus® Flex sensor element is sequentially serialized and quality tested to ensure the highest repeatability and freedom from defects. In addition, our sensor assemblies feature ergonomic and high quality Berg connectors, ensuring durable interconnection.

*Experiment performed by bending sensor over a 3" (75mm) diameter cylinder. Sensitivity can be enhanced if necessary.

Tactilus® Flex sensors can be made in a variety of shapes and sizes

Our Capabilites

We will design and build bend sensors to your exact specifications of gauge, dimensions, sensitivity, connector interface and environmental immunity. We perform all elements of R&D and prototyping and are equipped to build our bend sensor into your supplied CAD drawings.

Tactilus® Flex is designed to be integrated into either your existing feedback and control system or connected directly to a multimeter or oscilloscope. Specific interfacing instructions can be supplied.

Physical Specifications
Min and max bend:180°
Query speed:< 1 MHz
Durability> 35 million cycles (0.24" (6 mm) radius 90 bend)
Material:Polyimide or Polyester films
Temperature range:-76F to +221F (-60C to +105C)
Gauge:0.003" to 0.01" (0.076 mm to 0.254 mm)
Principle of leave:Resistive ink with introduced micro fractures
Voltage:3 VDC to 12 VDC
Accuracy: 1
Repeatability: 3%*
Non-linearity 3% (subject to test conditions)

*Repeatability test set up with multiple sensors held straight and tangent to a 1.8" (30mm) diameter mandrel using light spring tension. The mandrel was then rotated until the sensor was fully involved around the mandrel and then unwound back to the flat state. Amount of change and rate of change were then compared.

Tactilus® Flex is protected under patents 5,157,372 & 5,309,135