Fujifilm Prescale® Tactile Pressure Indicating Sensor Film

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HEAT SEALING Non-uniform Die Contact / Parallelism Issues
GASKETED INTERFACE Uneven / Insufficient Loading
HEAT SINK Insufficient / Problematic Thermal Transfer
LAMINATION/PRESS Platen Planarity Problems
NIP IMPRESSION Roller / Nip Defects, Parallelism
COMPOSITE LAYUP Registration / Parallelism / Planarity Issues

Fujifilm Prescale® is a unique, affordable and easy to use tool that reveals the distribution and magnitude of pressure between any two contacting, mating or impacting surfaces. Pressure indicating sensor film is extremely thin (4 to 8 mils) which enables it to conform to curved surfaces. It is ideal for invasive intolerant environments and tight spaces not accessible to conventional electronic transducers.

How It Works

Fujifilm Prescale® is a mylar based film that contains a layer of tiny microcapsules. The application of force upon the film causes the microcapsules to rupture, producing an instantaneous and permanent high resolution "topographical" image of pressure variation across the contact area.

Simply place Fujifilm Prescale® between any two surfaces that touch, mate or impact. Apply pressure, remove it and immediately the film reveals the pressure distribution profile that occurred between the two surfaces. Like Litmus paper, the color intensity of the film is directly related to the amount of pressure applied to it. The greater the pressure, the more intense the color.

Fujifilm Prescale® has a wide array of uses. For example, Fujifilm Prescale® can be used in a bolted joint interface, composite layup, heat sealing and lamination or press. Our pressure indicating film acts as a force sensing resistor. It can measure surface pressure distribution whether it is used as an impact force sensor, seat pressure sensor, as a strain gauge or even as nip impression paper.

Refer to our applications menu for more detail on any of these uses of Fujifilm Prescale® for pressure measurement.

Prescale Fuji Film

Pressure Film Type Code Alternative Code Pressure Range Order Now
Ultra Extreme Low 5LW UXL310 0.87 - 7.3 PSI (0.06 - 0.51 kg/cm2) Order Now
Extreme Low LLLLW / 4LW XL310 7.2 - 28 PSI (0.5 - 2 kg/cm2) Order Now
Ultra Low LLLW UL270 28 - 85 PSI (2 - 6 kg/cm2) Order Now
Super Low LLW SL270 70 - 350 PSI (5 - 25 kg/cm2) Order Now
Low LW L270 350 - 1,400 PSI (25 - 100 kg/cm2) Order Now
Medium MS M270 1,400 - 7,100 PSI (100 - 500 kg/cm2) Order Now
High HS H270 7,100 - 18,500 PSI (500 - 1,300 kg/cm2) Order Now
Super High HHS SH270 18,500 - 43,200 PSI (1,300 - 3,000 kg/cm2) Order Now

Physical Specifications
Operating Temperature 68°F - 95°F (20°C - 35°C) much higher for brief exposure
Humidity Range 20% to 90% RH
Gauge (Thickness) 4 - 20 mils
Spatial Resolution From 5 - 15 microns
Substrate Polyethylene Terephthalate (PET)
Accuracy ± 10% visual, ± 2%
Utilizing optional optical measurement systems
Shelf Life 2 Years

Company: Advanced Micro Devices, Inc.

"We presently use the extreme low and ultra-low films to perform course evaluation of die contact at all of our global locations. AMD also request our subs to use the film to document contact as well. We are pretty happy with the film's performance."

Company: Agilent Technologies, Inc.

"Using your film we have verified our suppliers heat sink design is within pressure limits for the CPU die. I now have a new tool in my toolbox (your film!), thanks again!"

Company: Alcon

"The film was wonderful! It allowed me to obtain uniform pressure distribution on a 4-unit blister sealer at room temperature, so that I could work on the equipment. Later running at the design spec of 295ºF, we achieved consistent, uniform seals across all four blisters, which was not happening before. Troubleshooting and repair are both difficult at high temperatures.When the previous sealing unit was being installed, I was told it took a couple of months and thousands of blisters to achieve proper seals at all four locations. With your film, the same process took just a week. Thank you very much for your quick service. Your pressure-sensing films are excellent!"

Company: Alliant Techsystems Inc

"Thank you for your support and film analysis efforts. The information we obtained has helped correlate analysis results and proven the analysis tools are performing accurately."

Company: American Axle & Manufacturing, Inc

"FujiFilm Prescale worked fine as we expected, and I want to thank you for the help you provided by converting some of our data. If we have similar situation in the future, we'll not hesitate to contact you. Thanks again!"

Company: AstenJohnson

"I can count on you to provide us with excellent service when we need to purchase the film and you are on the top of the list as who to call when the need arises."

Company: B/E Aerospace, Inc.

"Our development questions and answers were aided greatly by the pressure-sensitive film your company offers."

Company: Becton, Dickinson and Company

"The pressure film is working great. The information on your website was really helpful."

Company: Boston Scientific

"We successfully solved our sealing issue, where the pressure indicating film had a main role in the investigation. We are actually using the pressure indicating film on a low frequency as it has become our last control."

Company: Catalent Pharma Solutions

"We are using the film on a regular basis and it's perfect for the application."

Company: Confidential

"Thank you for providing the Fujifilm material for our testing. The product worked well and was easy to use. Thank you for the great customer support; I will recommend you as a source for future internal and external testing."

Company: Confidential

"The film allowed us to correct a sealing issue that even the lead engineer for the equipment manufacturer could not identify! Needless to say, it helped us to get out of the woods & increase speed by 60%. I’m now a believer!"

Company: Confidential

"The product worked as expected and helped solve the issue I was working on. "

Company: Confidential

"I have tested your pressure film with successful results. I followed the instructions and did not have any problems with this test."

Company: Confidential

"The Film is working very well. We are in the process of changing our mechanical design based on the results we have seen so far."

Company: Confidential

"I used the film in my analysis of the design of a flange assembly that leaked causing extensive water damage to a building. I was able to test an exemplar of the flange that failed using the film, as well as a competitor’s flange and compare the two. By using the pressure film, I was able to visually show the difference in contact (sealing pressure) on the gasket between the two competing designs in my report. I couldn’t have asked for a better visual for the report. I am very satisfied with the film."

Company: Confidential

"Pressure film has helped us determine where design and tolerance problems are."

Company: Confidential

"I installed the new roller this morning and ran some tests using the films. We are learning a lot for the results; the films are of great help analyzing the process variables."

Company: Confidential

"This is a fantastic product. It helped us determine that our fixtures do not perform as well as we thought. I should have tried this sooner!"

Company: Confidential

"Pressure film is working out great! It's giving us a lot of great insight as to how our packers are operating!"

Company: Confidential

"We've redesigned part of our machine to improve seal contact and it's helped tremendously. Having the pressure paper gave us a visual to work off of in comparing designs and was pivotal in completing that task."

Company: Confidential

"Just used your samples – the ultra-low pressure (<28 psi) worked well; I could see all the little ‘defects’ in my pressure application. Unfortunately for you, I reworked my press stack to include enough compliance that I was able to fully saturate your sample and produce the uniform pressure field (not necessarily planar) that I needed for my flow test. So, your product worked flawlessly, showed me exactly how much trouble I was in; but also allowed me to fix it in <30 min. of trials and only one sample coupon. Thank you for the material, but my solution looks to be quite robust, so future sales for this task are unlikely. I will keep your product in mind, there are possibilities of recurring needs and the films work well."

Company: GE

"The pressure film worked out great and we were able to get the issue resolved with our press. The team is currently repressing all of the affected modules now that the press is properly applying force. We had no issue interpreting the results."

Company: GSI Technologies, LLC

"The pressure film is working great for us and has helped us successfully troubleshoot a critical process problem."

Company: Horton

"The Film worked out well and I am glad we made the purchase. However, it told me that we needed to repair the mold. I am taking a hit on mold repair costs, but the other side of the coin, the problem has been discovered and we are making progress in correcting it."

Company: ITT Friction Technologies

"I 've used your product for investigation of problems in our process where there were no other viable answers from our engineers."

Company: Johnson Controls

"The pressure film worked great. I had an application where I was wetting out the adhesive on a door panel bolster by pulling down a latex bladder with a vacuum. I knew I was getting enough pressure in the flat areas but I wanted to confirm that I was also getting even pressure in the concave areas. The film I used showed an even shade of pink. At this time, there is no need to analyze it any further but I might expand the project in the future."

Company: Knowles

"The pressure paper has confirmed my hypothesis about non-parallelism of our platens, and some additional information about some deformity near the center of the platen as well. Very pleased with the results."

Company: Mars, Incorporated

"The film worked out great. We are currently retooling the v-rope sealer and will be using the sealer with another pressure film test soon after. Thanks again for your help. "

Company: NASA

"We could not have accomplished our test program without your help!"

Company: Process Reliability Engineer

"The film works great, we’ve used it to re-align one of our new seal bars and it made quick work of the alignment."

Company: Procter and Gamble

"I really appreciate the help you've given me. I needed a product from your company and you helped me identify exactly what would work."

Company: Scholle Packaging

"The film works great, we’ve used it to re-align one of our new seal bars and it made quick work of the alignment."

Company: Smith&Newphew

"Results came out great. Ran the statistics and couldn't have asked for better results."

Company: Stelia Aerospace North America Inc

"Prescale works very well – I used it to measure relative pressure gradients in a non-planar composite part to improve void transport during cure. In the end, the film helped prove the gradient was in the wrong direction (toward the center of the part, trapped gases were unable to flow out during cure), so we altered the bagging arrangement to reverse the flow."

Company: Sunnen Products Company

"We were able to detect a significant flaw in the mating of two surfaces that are very important to our manufacturing process, with your pressure sensitive film. We made a small modification to improve our operation, but we have to do more work in the future to improve the contact between these surfaces. We feel that the film worked very well."

Company: Teradyne Inc

"Yes, the pressure film we purchased worked great. We were able to collect the data we were looking for to better understand our issue."

Company: Thermal Form and Function

"The film worked as designed. We were able to determine process corrections based on the impression finger prints of film, which is exactly what your product is to enable."