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Foot Mapping Sensor System

Dynamic Features

General Pressure Overview: Mean, Max and Pressure/Time Integral

Static Features

CoP and max pressure of each foot, center of force and distribution

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What is the Tactilus® Foot Mapping Sensor System

Tactilus® Foottrax is a lightweight plantar pressure measurement device which records all the relevant information needed to analyze the foot's behavior.

Straightforward interpretation of the foot's function is displayed via detailed images and statistical graphs. These include highlighting the center of pressure (Gait Line) and maximum pressure throughout plantar contact.

Compared to its competitor's Tactilus® Foottrax represents outstanding value, and with it use of superior capacitive sensors you can be sure its accuracy and reliability is of the highest quality.


  • Pressure
  • Function
  • Symmetry
  • Timing
  • Balance
  • Orthotics
  • Footwear


"I recently purchased a Tactilus® Foottrax - what a great product. My patients love it, compliance has increased dramatically. It integrates easily within the practice. The progress of lower limb injuries and core stability improvements are easily monitored. The service I have recieved when I've needed it has been first class. Great value - thank you very much."

Margaret Chalmers

Sensor Specifications
Sensor Active Area400 x 400
Sensor Size7.6 x 7.6 mm
Calibration100% digital
Plate thickness5mm
Sensor TypeCapacitive
Pressure Range1.9 to 124 PSI
Scan Speed100 Hz
Total Size575 x 450 mm
Accuracy (Approx)5%
Temperature-10 + 45 Degree C
Number of Sensing Points2,704 (Calibrated)

Note: Unlike other pressure measurement devices, footwork does not need expensive recalibration.