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Auto-Nis® - The Complete Nip Impression Solution

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Tired of the Painstaking Manual Nip Impression Measurements?

Sensor Product's Automated Nip Impression System (Auto-Nis®) brings science to the nip impression measurement process. Auto-Nis® is an optical analysis system that is used in conjunction with Fujifilm Prescale® film as well as standard carbon papers.


Regular nip impressions ensure proper roller alignment and crowning, significantly reducing machine downtime and improving yield.

How It Works

  • Optical analysis instrument reads and interprets nip width and nip pressure data.
  • Data is immediately captured and assimiliated into easy to read graphs on your laptop.
  • The scanning unit (DocketScan) connects directly into the USB port on your laptop.

Benefits For You

  • Scans and interprets BOTH nip width and nip pressures
  • Scans and interprets BOTH Fujifilm Prescale® and conventional carbon paper.
  • Scientific exactitude in nip measurements.
  • Fast, efficient and accurate results.
  • Very small and portable only 16 ounces - fits in your brief case.
  • Powerful reports.

"Auto-Nis® - it's a dynamic testing tool. There are more positives to taking a dynamic nip impression -vs- static. It allows you to take a snap shot of a situation/press very close to actual machine operating parameters." - Jeff Franko, Metso Paper USA

Sensor Specifications
Technology Piezoresistive / Resistive
Interface USB Powered and Compliant
Resolution 75 DPI
Scan Frequency 1/25 inch (1.02 mm)
Scan Speed Approximately 39 in/min (150 cm/min)
Dimensions 296 x 110 x 42mm (L x W x H)
Weight 13.9 oz (335 g)
Max Nip Length 472 inches (12 m)
Min Width 2.7 inches (6.7 cm)
Max Width 8 inches (23 cm)
Operating System Windows 7 and XP Compatible