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Topaq® Service: Analyze Your Pressure Impressions

Need to obtain statistical data and enhanced digital visuals of your Fujifilm Prescale® films? Let our technicians analyze your pressure exposed impressions with the all new Topaq® Pressure Analysis System.

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Topaq® enables a wealth of statistical information and high resolution detail to be extracted from your impression, greatly enhancing the value of the raw film alone. Now you can determine with a high degree of accuracy, total force, average pressure and total square inches of contact over your image area.

Additionally, Topaq® renders histogramic and population statistics on user-defined regions of interest. Submitting your pressure-exposed films to us is simple and inexpensive.


  • Allows you to obtain high resolution precise pressure maps that are visually powerful
  • Obtain detailed statistical data that is otherwise unobtainable with just the naked eye or color correlation chart
  • Integrate force and total contact area data that is only available with a Topaq® image analysis

Service Pricing

Prices based on 2-3 day turn around. Overnight delivery is subject to a 15% surcharge

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