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Tactilus® Smart Washer - Bolt Pressure Indicator

Tactilus® pressure indicating washer sensor on bolted interface

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The Tactilus® pressure indicating washer is a revolutionary new means to measure and assess bolted joint tension, design and efficacy. Unlike traditional strain gauged load cells and force washers, the Tactilus® pressure sensor is extremely thin, noninvasive and highly economical. The Tactilus® pressure sensor system is a valuable aid in R&D.

Upon the application of tension the Tactilus® pressure indicating washer reveals precisely how much pressure (tensile load) is being applied at the interface of the bolt and flange surface and how this pressure is circumferentially distributed. With Tactilus® you only have to invest once in electronics and as your bolt tension monitoring evolves, only the custom tailored sensor element needs to be adapted.

Tactilus® Technology: Tactilus® is a matrix based tactile surface sensor. Essentially an "electronic skin" that records and interprets pressure distribution and magnitude between any two contacting or mating surfaces and assimilates that data collected into a powerful, yet user-friendly, Windows® based tool kit. The architectural philosophy of Tactilus® is modular allowing for portability, easy expansion, and simultaneous data collection of up to 6 discrete sensor pads. Tactilus® employs sophisticated mathematical algorithms that intelligently separate signal from noise, and advanced electronic shielding techniques to maximize environmental immunity to noise, temperature and humidity. Our proprietary sensor design ensures the most robust sensor in the industry - an investment that will sustain thousands of uses.

Tactilus pressure indicating washer sensor on bolted interface

"The Tactilus® pressure indicating washer is the most economical, scientific and userfriendly system for bolt tension evaluation available today."

- Jeffrey G. Stark, CEO

Pressure Range0 - 250 PSI (0 - 17.5 kg/cm3)
Sensing PointsUp to 4
Max Simultaneous ChannelsUp to 4
Total Sensing AreaCustomizable to application
Scan SpeedUp to 100 hertz
ODVariable from 0.52 in (1.32 cm)
IDVariable from 0.11 in (0.28 cm)
Thickness14 mils (0.35 mm)
Accuracy± 10%
Repeatability± 2%
Hysteresis± 5%
Non-linearity± 1.5%