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Tactilus® Bicycle Seat Sensor System

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The Tactilus® Bicycle Seat Sensor System evaluates the pressure on the bicycle seat during the pedal cycle (both indoor and outdoor). It's composed of a Tactilus® Bicycle Seat Sensor with waterproof smart fabric that will send the data to your android or iOS device through bluetooth connection in real time. As well as software, USB cable and data collection hub.


  • Easy graphic interface
  • Real time data for fast feedback directly on your laptop
  • Isobaric Curve
  • Ischial Distance
  • Rotation Angle
  • Body center of gravity (C.O.G.) movement (Left/Right/Front/Main) and shift of the barycenter
  • Main COG zoom
  • Measurement of the pressure distribution in different seating positions
  • Comparison of different tests and bicycle seat types
  • Ability to select and analyze an interval/part of the entire test
  • No time limit in the execution of the analysis
  • Displaying of the results through a color code or 3D pressure map
  • Chart and 2D curves
  • Integral Pressure - Time
  • Percentage of distribution of the loaded areas
  • Right/Left/Front Record of the acquired data
  • Color printed report (including pressure values and the bicycle seat's positioning
  • Features to analyze asymmetries and phases of loading

Surface Pressure range50 - 350 KPa
Dimensions54 x 22 x 2 cm
Matrix Size14 x 8
Sensing Points68
Sensing point size10 x 10 mm
Connection typeBluetooth 4.1
Scan Speed25 - 50 Hz
Accuracy±1 Kpa
Power SourceBattery 3.7 V 560mA
Battery life12 hours
Temperature Tolerance10 - 45 °C
Thickness2.5 mm