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Automotive Sector Applications

Engine Area

1 - Air filter/Oil filter

Observe contact pressure of filter part attachments

2 - Valve cover gasket

Inspect sealing performance of valve cover gaskets

3 - Gasket/O-ring

Measure sealing performance of gaskets, seals, and O-rings in the exhaust manifold

4 - Head gasket

Inspect sealing performance of cylinder head gaskets

5 - Oil pan

Ensure uniform seal across oil pan

6 - Chassis

Measure contact pressure and distribution uniformity during spot welding

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Automotive Components

7 - Headlight

Measure contact pressure of head light attachment

8 - Plastic parts (Bumper, Dashboard, etc.)

Measure contact pressure and distribution of mold platens during injection molding process

9 - Windshield Wiper

Measure contact pressure and distribution of wiper blade against windshield

10 - Transmission

Measure contact pressure between gear teeth

Evaluate gasket and o-ring seals

11 - Clutch

Measure contact pressure and distribution of clutch plates

Evaluate sealing performance of clutch cover

12 - Brake

Measure contact pressure and distribution of brake shoe against rotor

13 - Tire

Check adhesion and molding pressure during manufacture of tire

Measure contact pressure of tire tread footprint

14 - Door

Validate contact pressure of weatherstrips on doors

15 - Exhaust

Check tightening pressure of catalytic converter, and between exhaust manifolds and muffler's flanges

16 - Body

Check contact pressure of electrodes in spot/projection welding

Measure contact pressure and distribution of presses used to form metal and plastic body parts

17 - Seat

Measure contact pressure in test dummy research applications

18 - Floor mat

Check adhesive pressure of floor mat lamination

19 - Air bag

Measure impact pressure against air bag

Surface Pressure Profile Map of Fuel Cell Interface

Electric & Fuel Cell Vehicles

Li-ion battery

Measure nip (roller) pressure of electrode coater

Examine surface pressure of stacking machine for cathode, anode and separator

Test contact pressure of tab welding machine

Adjust alignment of heat sealing machines for aluminum lamination film

Fuel cell

Test fuel cell stack uniformity, separator flatness, and lamination pressure of electrolyte membrane

Surface Pressure Profile Map of Tire Tread Footprint


LCD Display

Measure contact pressure of ACF bonding machine for LCD panel or touch panel

Check roller pressure uniformity when attaching cover glass/OCA to touch panel

PCB & Heat Sinks

Measure lamination pressure during manufacture of PCB

Evaluate heat sink/heat source interface contact pressures

Pressure Film Type Code Alternative Code Pressure Range Order Now
Ultra Extreme Low 5LW UXL310 0.87 - 7.3 PSI (0.06 - 0.51 kg/cm2) Order Now
Extreme Low LLLLW / 4LW XL310 7.2 - 28 PSI (0.5 - 2 kg/cm2) Order Now
Ultra Low LLLW UL270 28 - 85 PSI (2 - 6 kg/cm2) Order Now
Super Low LLW SL270 70 - 350 PSI (5 - 25 kg/cm2) Order Now
Low LW L270 350 - 1,400 PSI (25 - 100 kg/cm2) Order Now
Medium MS M270 1,400 - 7,100 PSI (100 - 500 kg/cm2) Order Now
High HS H270 7,100 - 18,500 PSI (500 - 1,300 kg/cm2) Order Now
Super High HHS SH270 18,500 - 43,200 PSI (1,300 - 3,000 kg/cm2) Order Now
Physical Specifications
Operating Temperature 68°F - 95°F (20°C - 35°C) much higher for brief exposure
Humidity Range 20% to 90% RH
Gauge (Thickness) 4 - 20 mils
Spatial Resolution From 5 - 15 microns
Substrate Polyethylene Terephthalate (PET)
Accuracy ± 10% visual, ± 2%
Utilizing optional optical measurement systems
Shelf Life 1 Year