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Shoe Press Profiler®

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The Shoe Press Profiler® easily allows any technician to quickly and easily capture an extremely high resolution pressure reading of the shoe press. Used on conjunction with pressure indicating films, the Shoe Press Profiler provides instantaneous and intuitive reports that reveal a wealth of statistical data about your pressure profile. Unlike other pressure systems there is no complicated calibration nor extensive expertise required for replacement of the sensor system.


  • Extends beltlife
  • Ensure a uniform web moisture profile and increased dry content
  • Improves runability
  • Reduces steam consumption

Shoe Press Profiler® quickly assimilates data from across the entire contact surface area and displays both CD and MD statistics.

System Specifications
Optical Resolution 100 DPI
Max Imaging Width 24 in. (61 cm)
Weight 36 lb. (16.3 Kg)
Power Consumption 40 W (4.2 W on Stand By)
Interface USB 2.0
Scan Speed 6 in. (15 cm) a Second
AC Line Voltage 110 - 220 V
Light Source Dual 2D Extra Long Life LEDs
Scan Accuracy 0.1%, 1 pixel
Color Space Normalized / Linearized RAW RGB or sRGB
Optics Solid State Fiber Optic Rod Lens
Operating Temperature 10C - 35C, 35% - 85% RH Non-condensing

The shoe press consists of a specially calibrated scanner unit, cables & software.