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About Us - Our Products and Services

Our products and services can be divided into six main categories:

  1. Analog Products: Fujifilm Prescale, Micro, Thermex, Pressurex-micro, Mold-Align and EZnip. These products consist of various film-like materials that reveal how pressure (and temperature in some instances) is dispersed between any two contacting or mating surfaces by virtue of a color change in the sensor material. This color change is instantaneous and permanent rendering a high-resolution archival image of the pressure profile and distribution. These products are philosophically similar in functionality to conventional Litmus paper. All are for one-time use and are consumable in nature.

  2. Electronic Pressure Indicators: Tactilus, Bodyfitter, Free-form, Sigma-nip, . These electronic sensor skins reveal pressure between any two interfacing objects, in real-time. Example applications include automotive brakes, ergonomics (seating and bedding sensors), tire tread -footprint analysis, roller set pressure (nips), heat seal diagnostic, and heat sink pressure profiling. These products are assembled in-house and at various locations around the world. Technologies employ resistive, capacitive and piezo-resistive materials. Our sensors are both matrix based, and single point types. We employ a team of software developers who continuously update our electronic products,, including Sigma-Nip, which measures the nip width of contacting rollers and Tactilus which measures contact pressure real time and is used in many different applications.

  3. Optical Imaging systems: Pointscan, Topaq, AutoNis, Pressurex-micro Imaging System. These systems are used in conjunction with the Analog Products (film sensors). Our optical imaging products render high resolution images and detailed statistical reports as a post-process tool after employing the analog product for more enhanced and detailed analysis.

  4. Consulting Services: We offer on-site training and consulting services for all of our products

  5. Microencapsulation: We produce various grades of impact and damage indicating paints. These microcapsule slurries are coated or sprayed onto various substrates to effectively create a smart exterior that records impact or damage events.

  6. Clients and Industries: Our products are used in virtually every manufacturing and design application ranging from medical devices to tire manufacturing to NASAs space shuttle development.