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GEL 211 - Testing and Programming Unit


General information

  • Testing any sensors with sin/cos output 1 VPP, e.g.MiniCODER
  • Transmitting the data via WLAN to mobile terminals (tablet, PC etc.)
  • Display of the data in a web browser, independent of the operating system
  • Used for checking the signals for compliance with adjustable tolerance limits
    - sin/cos signals (amplitude, offset, phase offset)
    - Reference signal (amplitude, offset, position and width)
    - Target wheel (damage, concentricity, quality of the teeth)
  • Defining and saving different tolerance limits
  • MiniCODER plus: Used for setting the parameters
    - Automatic calibration of the sin/cos signals
    - Configuring/reading the operating hours counter
    - Saving the 7 configured speed ranges for the operating     hours counter in one record
    Possible to save several records in the GEL 211


  • Compact device suitable for mobile use
  • Data display on terminals with web support


  • Eases assembly: Due to the fast evaluation of the measured signals, the interactive correction of the signals and the graphic evaluation, the analysis of the signals is extremely straightforward.
  • Optimises maintenance and service work: Diagnostics and parameter configuration on the MiniCODER plus are undertaken in the installed state, e.g. without opening the spindle. This aspect is particularly convenient and efficient.
  • Increases the reliability: The measured values from the analysis and the readings from the operating hours counter are documented automatically by the generation of the report, which can be printed out and saved.

Field of application

  • Servicing and commissioning machine tools
  • Servicing and commissioning HSC spindles
  • Servicing and commissioning motors



The testing and programming unit can be integrated into an existing measuring circuit / test station or operated separately.

Unit overview

Unit Overview
1 Input; female connector M23, 17-pin: Connection to the sensor (e.g. MiniCODER)
2 Output; male connector M23, 17-pin: Connection to measuring circuit / test station
3 WLAN antenna
4 LED displays (status indication for POWER; Wireless LAN; SIN/COS OK; REF OK)
5 Micro-USB port (type B): Supply voltage 5 V
For the duration of the analysis and configuration of the parameters the sensor(1) is connected to the female input connector.
Power is supplied to the unit and the sensor connected via
  • the 17-pin male output connector or
  • the Micro-USB female connector (connection of plugtype power supply unit, PC, laptop etc.).
Sensor signals are checked for compliance with the tolerance limits using the GEL 211. For this purpose different tolerance limits can be saved and retrieved.

Application example

Application example
Testing and programming unit as a mobile unit
separate power supply via Micro-USB plug-type power supply unit or PC

Technical data

Electrical data
Supply voltage
• Current consumption via USB port
5 V DC
≤ 500 mA
Connections Micro-USB (type B)
Signal output: M23 female connector, 17-pin;
Signal input: M23 male connector, 17-pin
Data transmission WLAN
Report files: WLAN or USB
WLAN module approvals FCC ID: YOPGS1011MEE
IC ID: 9154A-GS1011MEE
Mechanical data
Housing material Anodised aluminium, black
Weight Approx. 0.5 kg
Ambient data
Operating temperature range 0 °C ... +70 °C
Storage temperature range -20 °C ... 85 °C
Protection class IP 20
Maximum relative humidity of air 80%
Condensation Not permitted

Dimensional drawings

Dimensional drawing GEL 212
Dimensional drawing GEL 212


Pin layout
M23 connection Pin Signal Function
Input (female contacts)
Input (female contacts)
Connection of the sensor

Output (male contacts)
Output (male contacts)
1 SIN+ Signal track 1
2 SIN- Inverse signal track 1
3 REF+ Reference track (zero signal)
7 0 V Earth encoder supply (GND)
10 UB Encoder supply +5 V
11 COS+ Signal track 2
12 COS- Inverse signal track 2
13 REF- Inverse signal reference track
14 - 17
No evaluation
The pin layout corresponds to the MiniCODER standard. Connections with the same number (1-9, 11-17) are connected through (exception: encoder supply,pin 10).