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MotionController GEL 8232

motion controller

General information

MotionControllers of the serie GEL 823x are optimised for the rough environment of rotor hubs in wind turbines. The MotionController is a compact controller with CPU, LC display, key board, integrated PLC, fieldbus systems and multi axis control with a maximum of 6 controlled axes. A total of up to 64 axes can be controlled via the CAN bus (6 axes with feedback).
Additional inputs and outputs permit serveral CAN REMOTE I/Os with up to 64 inputs or outputs per node and up to 64 node addresses.


  • RAM: 1 MByte in total
  • NVRAM: 8 kByte in total
  • Flash: 1 MByte in total
  • Free memory space: 256 kByte


  • Robust controller for up to 6 axes, not affected by shock and vibrations
  • Extended temperature range -20 °C to +70 °C
  • Open to all standard fieldbus systems
  • High noise immunity due to galvanically isolated digitial and analogue inputs and outputs
  • Short projecting times due to ready-made functional blocks and pre-configured inputs and outputs

Field of application

  • Wind energy (onshore, nearshore, offshore)
  • Harsh industrial environments
Features GEL 8230 GEL 8231 GEL 8232
Digital inputs 22 30 30
Digital outputs 15 15 15
Analogue inputs 1 3 3
PT100 inputs 0 4 4
Analogue outputs 3 3 3
Coated electronics yes yes no


Construction and design

The MotionController are delivered with or without Firmware. A device without firmware has a start-up screen function, which displays device information and copyright window. An existing firmware can be installed on the device.
Up to five different communication channels are available, enabling all conventional field bus systems (PROFIBUS-DP, DeviceNet,...) to be used with one interface. The field bus modules can be retrofitted or replaced at any time without modifying the PLC programme.
Connection is made fail-safe using coded terminal strips. The signal states on the digital input and output terminals can be checked via status indications on the rear side of the device. The status indicators are positioned above or under the terminal strips. Termination of CAN bus and serial inter- face is made using DIP switches on the rear side of the device.


A menu-guided service programme with plain text is an integral part of the firmware. In this menu the axis can be configured userfriendly.
The menu structure and parameter setting depend on the firmware version. After switching on the device, the actual values for the axes and for the inputs and outputs are dis- played in different windows.
The menu is divided into the password protected configuration menu and freely accessible areas, e.g. stored failures memory, devide information and CAN bus status. The option texts and the limit values displayed for each parameter ensure easy and fast commisioning via the configuration menu.


Programming via the PLC is a further possibility to configure the MotionController. Using PLC programming, the display options and actual values may differ from the menus of the firmware.
The standard CoDeSys programming environment runs in parallel with the multiaxis control and offers full transparency for all parameters. Parametrization of all 6 axes is effected by a PC tool and offers menuguidance for comfortable setting of the usual parameters.
The standard programming environment in acc. with IEC 61131-3 includes a library of readymade and powerful technology functions for terminal programming and automatic motion control.
When the PLC start input I3.7 is low the operating parameters of the firmware are displayed. Ohterwise, the MotionController is displaying the PLC ouputs.

Integrated positioning controller

A positioning controller and the necessary hardware for up to six axes are already integrated in the controller. Therefore, no additional modules will be needed.
For the traversing of axes, the controller function library offers the following group of modules:

  • Jog mode commands.
  • Commands for automatic referencing.
  • Positioning commands for servo drives (±10 V and CAN bus).
  • Positioning commands for rapid feed/creep feed/stop axes
  • Stop commands.
  • Commands for setting and interrogating information such as the axis status.
Technical data - integrated positioning controller
Normal scan time 1 ms per activated axis
Ramps Linear ramp with adjustable jerk limination
Types of control In binary from through the rapid feed/creep feed/stop function
In analog from through the ±10 V interface
In digital form through the CANopen interface
Controllable axes 6
In analog from through the ±10 V interface and,
alternatively in binary from through the rapid feed/creep
feed/stop function
3 axis
In digital from through the CANopen interface 4

Technical Data

GEL 8230 GEL 8231 GEL 8232
Electrical data
Supply voltage VS 19 to 30 V DC
Power consumption 1 A max. (depending on interface)
Serial RS 232 2 (COM1/2), adjustable baud rate, for PC communication/pro-
gramming; COM1: RS 232 C, COM2: RS 232 C or
RS 422/485
CAN bus 2 x onboard (master / slave)
Field bus 1 extension slot for PROFIBUS DP, InterBus-S or DeviceNet
(others on request)
Counting inputs 6 x absolute SSI, power supply 24/5 V, 900/600 mA in total,
clock frequency 125 kHz
Digital inputs (galvanically separated) 24 V, green LED status indicators
22            |                           30
Analogue inputs (galvanically separated) selectable alternatively 0 to 10 V or 0 to 20 mA
1            |                           3
PT100 inputs (galvanically separated) -40 °C to +215 °C
–            |                           4
Outputs (galvanically separated)
Digital outputs 9 x 24 V, 30 mA
6 x 24 V, 500 mA
red LED status indicators
Analogue outputs 3 x ±10 V, max. 10 mA, 2 mV resolution
Memory programme: 256 KB / data: 128 KB / data backup: 128 KB /
Programming according to IEC 61131-3, CoDeSys environment
Ambient data
Protection class front side: IP 65, rear side: IP 20
Operating temperature -20 °C to +70 °C
Storage temperature -40 °C to +70 °C(1) -30 °C to +70 °C
Relative humidity of air 95 %, non-condensing
EMC EN 61000-6-2 and 4(2)
Vibration resistance (IEC 60068, 2-6) 20 m/s2, 9 to 50 Hz
Display LCD 64x240 px with LED backlighting;
visible area 133x39 mm
Material galvanized sheet steel
Front panel edge-protected aluminium
Weight approx.1.7 kg
Valid for GEL 823xY001 to 823xY080
Storage temperature -30 °C to +70 °C

Dimensional drawing

Dimensional drawing GEL 823x
Dimensional drawing GEL 823x
Dimensional drawing mounting frame GK 2063
Dimensional drawing mounting frame GK 2063


Front view
Front view
Rear side with connection overview
Rear side with connection overview

Connection assignment

Analogue and digital outputs for axis 1, 2 , 3 (terminal strips A1, A2, A3)
A1 A2 A3 Terminal signal function
⊥ Q1 ⊥ Q2 ⊥ Q3 1 GND GND power supply for signals(1)
2 AnalogueX_Out- Analogue GND(2)
QW10 QW20 QW30 3 AnalogueX_Out+ ±10 V
24 V DC In 24 VDC In 24 V DC In 4 Vs 24 VDC power supply signals(1)
QX1.0 QX2.0 QX3.0 5 DAX.1 30 mA output(3)
QX1.1 QX2.1 QX3.1 6 DAX.2 30 mA output(3)
QX1.2 QX2.2 QX3.2 7 DAX.3 30 mA output(3)
QX1.3 QX2.3 QX3.3 8 DAX.4 500 mA output
QX1.4 QX2.4 QX3.4 9 DAX.5 500 mA output
Digital inputs (terminal strips system: E1, axes 1 – 3: E2, E3, E4(4))
PLC designation Terminal Signal function
E1 E2 E3 E4(4)
⊥ I1 ⊥ I2 ⊥ I3 ⊥ I4 1 GND Optocoupler supply(4)
IX1.0 IX2.0 IX3.0 IX4.0 2 DEX.1 (3)
IX1.1 IX2.1 IX3.1 IX4.1 3 DEX.2 (3)
IX1.2 IX2.2 IX3.2 IX4.2 4 DEX.3 (3)
IX1.3 IX2.3 IX3.3 IX4.3 5 DEX.4 (3)
IX1.4 IX2.4 IX3.4 IX4.4 6 DEX.5 (3)
IX1.5 IX2.5 IX3.5 IX4.5 7 DEX.6 (3)
IX2.6 IX3.6 IX4.6 8 DEX.7 (3)
IX2.7 IX3.7 IX4.7 9 DEX.8 (3); SPS Start für I3.7
Analogue inputs terminal strip E5(4) (PT100)
E5 PLC Termial Signal function
Analogue4_In- 1 /AE 1.4 GND
Analogue4_In+ IW54 2 AE 1.4 PT100
Analogue5_In- 3 /AE 1.5 GND
Analogue5_In+ IW55 4 AE 1.5 PT100
Analogue6_In- 5 /AE 1.6 GND
Analogue6_In+ IW56 6 AE 1.6 PT100
Analogue7_In- 7 /AE 1.7 GND
Analogue7_In+ IW57 8 AE 1.7 PT100
Analogue inputs terminal strip E6 (current / voltage)
E6 PLC Termial Signal function
Analogue1_In- 1 /AE 1.1 Signal-
Analogue1_In+ IW61 2 AE 1.1 Signal+
Analogue2_In- 3 /AE 1.2 Signal-(4)
Analogue2_In+ IW62 4 AE 1.2 Signal+(4)
Analogue3_In- 5 /AE 1.3 Signal-(4)
Analogue3_In+ IW63 6 AE 1.3 Signal+(4)

Each input can be switched from current to voltage input by a jumper (current 0 to 20 mA / voltage 0 to 10 V). Delivery state: current input

Connection assignment

Power supply ( 24 V; terminal strip V)
Terminal Signal Function
1 GND (Z) GND (encoder)
3 24 V DC Logic power supply
4 24 V DC (Z) Encoder power supply (terminal strips Z1, Z2, Z3)
Encoder inputs (actual–value for axis 1, 2 or 3; terminal strip Z1, Z2, Z3)
Klemme Signal SSI encoder A SSI encoder B Function
1 GND (Z) x x GND encoder(1)
2 +5 V DC Out UZ UZ 5 V encoder power supply(1), internally regulated to 5 V
3 +24 V DC Out UZ UZ 24 V encoder power supply(1)
4 CLK_SSI+ x x Differential clock signal for encoder A and B
5 CLK_SSI- x x
6 Data_SSI_A + x - Differential data signal for encoder A
7 Data_SSI_A - x -
8 Data_SSI_B + - x Differential data signal for encoder B
9 Data_SSI_B - - x
10 Ref_N + (x) Reference signal N
11 Ref_N- (x)
Serial interface connector C1
Serial interface connector
CAN bus interface (terminal strip C2)
Terminal Signal
1 GND (C)
2 CAN 1_H
3 CAN 1_L

Termination of CAN bus by dip switch

Type code and Accessories

Type code
type code
Mounting accessories
Item number Description
GEL 89043 Counter plug set
BG 4622 14 hex screws M3 x 10, 14 cable bride, 2 earting terminals, 14 toothed lock washers
BG 4623 6 hex screws M4, 6 washers, 6 spring washers, 2 earthing terminals
GK 2063 Mounting frame: 6 hex screws M3 x 10 and 6 toothed lock washers
Fieldbus accessories
Item number Description
GEL 89022 Connection cable RS 232 C between PC and MotionController
GEL 89130 Fieldbus module (PROFIBUS-DP)
GEL 89131 Fieldbus module (InterBus-S)
GEL 89132 Fieldbus module (DeviceNet)
GEL 89133 Fieldbus module (Ethernet)
Item number Description
CD GEL 823x_- CD-ROM GEL 823x without firmware, including manuals as pdf-files
CD-ROM GEL 823x with firmware version 200, including manuals as pdf-files
on request User manual GEL 823x in German or English (DIN A5, printed)