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Auto-Nis® Automated Nip Analysis System

Auto-Nis® is an automated system that reads and interprets nip impression films. Using Auto-Nis® to analyze your nip impression films aids in ascertaining proper roller crowning and parallelism. Auto-Nis® can scan impression films of any length and assimilates the data into an easy to read graphical format.

Sigma-Nip® Electronic Nip Impression System

A lease will enable you to gain access to the benefits of Sigma-Nip® precisely when and only when you have a mill outage. With a minimum of training and preparation you will be able to professionally evaluate nip widths on your roller sets and make adjustments in real time while the sensor is deployed and rolls are closed. Sigma-Nip® offers the advantages of portability, easy installation and set up and user-friendly software. Sigma-Nip® is easily deployed along your roll face and up and running in a matter of minutes. Furthermore after your analysis you can also send the session data back to our analysis department for a more in-depth review and critique.

Pointscan® Pressure Magnitude Scanner

Pointscan® is a handheld scanner that enables quick and easy determination of pressure magnitude at any point on the surface of sensor films. The system converts the film's color to a corresponding pressure level, providing as output the pressure magnitude value in terms of PSI or (kg/cm2).

Tactilus® Dynamic Pressure Mapping Sensors

Tactilus® is an electronic sensor system that enables dynamic observation of contact surface pressure between any two objects that mate or impact. Tactilus® uses a thin, flexible sensor element which conforms to any surface. The software will display the information on the screen of the computer as the pressure changes in the application. It uses different interfaces like 2D, 3D graphical formats of pressure vs time, force integration, and text formats among others. There is a variety of systems in different size and pressure ranges that will fit almost any application.

Topaq® Pressure Analysis System

The Topaq® pressure analysis system is specifically designed for precise tactile force measurement and interpretation. Used in conjunction with sensor films, Topaq® renders high resolution, full color representations of pressure distribution and magnitude, as well as precise statistical data about your force application.