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Force Sensor Pad

A Force Sensor Pad is a device that can be used to measure pressure or forces between objects that touch. Therefore, Force Sensor Pads are routinely used for seating analyses. Sensor Products produces the Tactilus® Bodyfitter® seat sensor system for such analyses.

As reported in a UK publication (“Product Focus”, Railway Interiors International, pp 64–65, September 2007) Edward “Ted” Claghorn, of MTI Specialty Silicones, needed to test silicone seat cushions for the Victoria Line of the London Underground. He chose the Tactilus® Bodyfitter® system for this test.

The Tactilus® Force Sensor Pad, which was used, was an electronic membrane that used had more than 1,000 piezoresistive sensing points. The Force Sensor Pad and the piece of silicone foam being tested were placed in a seat cushion. When a subject sat on the cushion, the Tactilus® system recorded pressure distribution between the subject and the seat cushion.

Force Sensor Pad

Fig 1: Tactilus® Force Sensor Pad and Electronic Hub

Windows®-based Tactilus® software catalogued the data. Following the test, pressure maps and statistical analyses were performed. Tactilus® produces colorful, easily understood graphics to represent the magnitude and distribution of pressure. Figure 1 shows the Tactilus® Force Sensor Pad and Electronic Hub. Figure 2 is a typical graphic showing pressure magnitude and distribution across the Tactilus® Force Sensor Pad.

Tactilus Screen Shot

Fig 2: Graphic Showing Pressure Magnitude and Distribution Across the Tactilus® Force Sensor Pad

The Sensor Products’ Web Site has additional information on these Force Sensor Pads under the categories of: Automotive Pressure Mapping, Body Mapping Applications, Golf Swing, Mattress, Podiatry, Saddle Fitting, Squeezable Tube, Tactilus®, Temperature Mapping, Ultra-Sensitive Body Mapping, and Vest / Body Armor. Glossary topics that relate to Force Sensor Pad are: Body Mapping, Surface Force Mapping, Surface Stress Profiling, Tactile Pressure Sensor, and Tactile Sensor.