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Tactilus Free Form® Development Kit

The Free Form® Development Kit contains everything you require to perform basic tests to evaluate how our sensors perform.

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The Tactilus Free Form sensors can be made extremely small

The Free Form® Development Kit is highly economical yet powerful: it allows you to capture pressure / force data from a single point (and user affixable) sensor, at a very high framerate and record and wirelessly transmit that data to our intuitive and easy to use Windows software. Or read the pressure directly from the kit's on-board LCD display. Sensors come in a variety of dimensions from 4 mm diameter up to 25 mm square.

Screenshot of the Tactilus Free Form software

Benefits of the system:

Assess the benefits of tactile sensing with extremely low startup costs.

Perform tests to gather data on your process, part or design with zero user training.

Electronics & Software Specifications:

  • 30 Hertz transmission speed
  • Easily exportable
  • USB & Bluetooth
  • Windows Based
  • LCD display on board to indicate PSI