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Encasement Service for Pressure Indicating Films

Encased Fujifilm Prescale® film positioned under a wafer polishing head and used in a propellor test.

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Our new Encasement Service for Pressure Indicating Film offers engineers in the flexo, converting and packaging industries who use the company's tactile pressure sensor film ("TPSF") known as Fujifilm Prescale® to measure contact pressure.

Our new encasing service for TPSF enables the film to be used in environments where high moisture content, oil, solvents and other contaminants previously posed a particular problem to its use. Fujifilm Prescale® TPSF is a unique tactile pressure sensor film which enables the accurate, efficient, and cost effective measurement of contact pressure, beginning at 2 kg/cm up to 1,300 kg/cm (28 PSI to 43,200 PSI).

With the addition of this new level of service, we will be in a better position to serve the needs of our customers whose applications might require encasing and protecting TPSF.

Sensor Products Inc. also has the ability to custom encase long strips of TPSF for use in nip roller contact tests in large flexo, converting or packaging applications.