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Characterization of surface temperature of a person on a mattress using the Tactilus® Temperature Body Mapping Sensor System

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Tactilus® temperature sensor system

The Tactilus® temperature sensor system is designed to allow manufacturers and retailers to measure temperature distribution and magnitude between the customer and a sleeping surface.

Tactilus's modular architecture allows the user the capability to capture temperature information from the same base electronics. Through the sophisticated application of resistive thermistor technology, our sensor sets new standards for scientific validity and cost effectiveness.

Tiny sensing cells cover the entire surface of the sensor "skin" allowing for discrete spot temperature analysis at any point in the contact region. Tactilus® captures data from these sensing points and assimilates it into powerful, yet user-friendly Windows®-based software providing colorized temperature maps and detailed statistical reports.

"Our primary proposition is to offer clients precisely what they require or need for their applications. To that end, everything we design can be completely tailored to your unique situation." - Jeffrey G. Stark CEO


  • Consumer Database - Designed to track customers and sales representatives performance and response-to-sale ratios
  • Foreign Languages - Software available in Spanish, French, Chinese and German
  • Private Labeling - Name and logo available on both hardware and software
  • Handheld Remote Control
  • Retail Environment Version - Touchscreen panel and graphical user interface
  • Wireless Capability
Physical Specifications
Technology Thermistor
Temperature Range 68º – 158º F (20º – 70º C)
Sensing Points Up to 512
Total Sensing Area Up to 26” x 76” (66 x 193 cm)
Scan Speed Up to 40 hertz
Spatial Resolution Customizable from 0.5 in2 (9mm2)
Thickness 50 mils (1.27mm)
Accuracy ± 10%
Repeatability ± 2%
Hysteresis ± 5%
Non-linearity ± 1.5%