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Squeegee Leveling Sensor System

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The single greatest squeegee improvement since the squeegee!

The Tactilus® squeegee leveling sensor is designed to allow the user to collect pressure position and magnitude data. An improperly aligned squeegee results in misregistration, uneven dispersion of solutions and possibly serious product defects. All of which lower yields and raise costs. The Tactilus® squeegee leveling sensor is physically placed right at the interface where contact occurs assuring a greater degree of accuracy, repeatability and validity than any other pressure transducer or load cell could provide.

Tactilus® software is so user-friendly that even an inexperienced user will quickly benefit from its powerful features. Within minutes Tactilus® reveals precisely where the weighted average center of mass is along the squeegee surface. When this is dead center, you know your squeegee is perfectly aligned.

Example of 13 inch squeegee sensor connected to data collection hub

Tacilus® Technology

Tactilus® is a matrix based tactile surface sensor. Essentially an "electronic skin" that records and interprets pressure distribution and magnitude between any two contacting or mating surfaces and assimilates that data collected into a powerful, yet user-friendly, Windows® based tool kit. Each Tactilus® sensor is carefully assembled to exacting tolerances and individually calibrated and serialized. The architectural philosophy of Tactilus® is modular allowing for portability, easy expansion, and simultaneous data collection of up to 6 discrete sensor pads. Tactilus® employs sophisticated mathematical algorithms that intelligently separate signal from noise, and advanced electronic shielding techniques to maximize environmental immunity to noise, temperature and humidity. Our proprietary sensor design ensures the most robust sensor in the industry - an investment that will sustain thousands of uses.

System Specifications
Technology Piezoresistive
Surface Pressure Range 0 - 30 PSI (0 - 2.1 kg/cm²)
Sensing Points Up to 32
Min Length 3 in. (7.62 cm)
Max Length 12.6 in. (75 cm)
Scan Speed Up to 90 hertz
Total Sensing Area Customizable to application
Thickness 27.6 mils (0.7 mm)
Accuracy ± 10%
Repeatability ± 2%
Hysteresis ± 5%
Non-linearity ± 1.5%