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Door Seal

Tactilus Free Form® sensors placed on a car door seal

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Unique to the industry, each Tactilus Free Form® sensor element is individually calibrated, sequentially serialized and quality tested to ensure the highest repeatability and accuracy. In addition, our sensor assemblies feature ergonomic and high quality Berg connectors, ensuring durable interconnection.

Tactilus Free Form® Technology

The Tactilus Free Form® door seal sensor system is designed to allow the user to collect pressure position and magnitude data at discrete selected locations across a door seal. Proper placement and construction of seals has a dramatic effect on wind noise, waterproofing, vibration and air quality. Tactilus® door seal sensors aid the engineer in identifying interface pressures across any seal surface both statically, while the vehicle is stationary, as well as while being driven. The Tactilus Free Form® sensor system is a "user constructed" tactile surface pressure system that provides unprecedented flexibility and ease of use.

"The free form philosophy is to empower the user to select the precise location where they require data collection rather than the constrained "matrix" inherent in traditional fixed tactile surface sensors. Free Form was created to maximize both data collection efficiency and value." - Jeffrey G. Stark, CEO

Key Features:

  • 16 Channel simultaneous data collection
  • Sensors are disposable and very economical

System Includes:

  • Sensor element
  • Electronic controller
  • Software
  • Cables
Sensor Specifications
Technology Resistive
Pressure Range 0 - 30 PSI (0 - 2.1 kg/cm²)
Sensing Points 16
Max Simultaneous channels 16
Total Sensing Area Customizable to application
Scan Speed Up to 30 hertz
Spatial Resolution Customizable from 0.08 in (2 mm)
Thickness 30 mils (0.76 mm)
Accuracy ± 10%
Repeatability ± 2%
Hysteresis ± 5%
Non-linearity ± 1.5%

If you are looking for a matrix pressure sensor that enables you to carry out surface pressure mapping in your application, then you should contact us about Tactilus®.

Refer to our applications menu for additional information on uses of Tactilus® for surface pressure mapping.

NOTE: You may also have read about electronic sensor elements, tactile surface pressure systems, force sensing resistors (FSR), free form sensor systems, pressure sensing arrays, and matrix-based tactile surface sensors. These terms are synonymous with our Tactilus® pressure sensor.