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Tactilus® brake shoe surface sensor

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Do you need to map pressure distribution across your braking surface?

The new Tactilus® brake sensor captures surface pressure distribution and magnitude between the brake shoe and rotor surface. Unique to the industry, each Tactilus® sensor is custom designed for your particular brake shoe. With Tactilus® you only have to invest once in electronics and as your brake design evolves, only the custom tailored sensor element need be adapted.

The Tactilus® sensor has built in thermistors that provide temperature compensation - an industry exclusive. As a result, you will have confidence that your data output is more accurate and repeatable than ever before.

Tactilus® Technology

Tactilus® is a matrix-based tactile surface sensor. Essentially an "electronic skin" that records and interprets pressure distribution and magnitude between any two contacting or mating surfaces and assimilates that data collected into a powerful Windows-based tool kit. Each Tactilus® sensor is carefully assembled to exacting tolerances and individually calibrated and serialized.

The architectural philosophy of Tactilus® is modular allowing for portability, easy expansion, and simultaneous data collection of up for 4 discrete sensor pads. Tactilus® employs sophisticated mathematical algorithms that intelligently separate signal from noise, and advanced electronic shielding techniques to maximize environmental immunity to electromagnetic noise, temperature and humidity.

"Our primary proposition is to offer the client precisely what they require or need. To that end, everything we design with respect to the physical sensor element as well as our GUI and DLL's can be completely tailored to your unique situation." - Jeffrey G. Stark, CEO


  • Each sensor is individually customized to your brake shoe dimensions
  • Highly accurate and repeatable by virtue of our proprietary embedded thermistor for temperature compensation
Sensor Specifications
Technology Resistive
Pressure Range 1 - 500 PSI (0.07 - 35.15 kg/cm²)
Sensing Points 1,500
Max Simultaneous channels Up to 4
Total Sensing Area Customizable to application
Scan Speed Up to 100 hertz
Spatial Resolution Customizable from 0.03 in (0.8 mm)
Thickness 15 mils (0.38 mm)
Accuracy ± 10%
Repeatability ± 2%
Hysteresis ± 5%
Non-linearity ± 1.5%