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Real-Time Roller Alignment Instrument

Two DigiNip® handheld sensor elements placed between two contacting rollers

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DigiNip 2® is a powerful system that allows the quick and easy diagnosis of roller conditions - the nip contact point. With minimal investment and no prior experience a user can quickly and accurately record spot nip (contact point between rollers) width at any section of your web or sheetfed process. Diginip's sensing capability is as sensitive as it's case is durable - its ergonomic shell is impact hardened and water resistant.

No more time consuming and inaccurate nip measurements with carbon paper. Now nip readings can be determined instantaneously and adjustments made while the sensor is between your rolls! DigiNip 2® is also economical; the sensor elements that connect into the DigNip 2® device are designed to provide hundreds of readings before replacement is necessary.

Key Benefits

  • Time Savings: Instantly measure roller alignment
  • Measurement precision: Adjust roller alignment in millimeters
  • Increase Productivity: Significant reduction in wastage

Handheld DigiNip2® device and carrying case

Length (MD) of Sensing Area45 mm
Width (CD) of Sensing Area7 mm
Sensor Thickness17 mils
Battery Life2 years at 8 hrs. per week
Weight23 grams
Min./Max. Temperature14° to 140°F (-10° to 60°C)
Min./Max. Nip Width0.04 - 1.18 in. (1 - 30 mm)
Accuracy0.004 in (0.1 mm)
Wireless ProtocolBluetooth and modem
Wireless Range30 feet
Operating SystemAndroid

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