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Patent Publication Number: US 8278561 B2

Title: Conductive pattern forming film, and conductive pattern forming method and conductive pattern forming apparatus for the conductive pattern forming film

Filing Date: October 17, 2007

Priority Date: October 19, 2006

Inventor(s): Toshihide Kamata, Manabu Yoshida

Original Assignee / Applicant(s): National Institute Of Advanced Industrial Science And Technology

Link to Patent: US8278561B2


This invention discloses a flexible plastic film containing a pattern made of conductive material printed on it, and a method for applying the said pattern on the said flexible plastic film. Basically, this invention teaches the technique of providing wiring in an electronic device using a printing process. This invention can be used in the electronics industry for forming electronic device patterns in large volumes at low cost. The method disclosed herein involves printing a viscous dispersion of conductive fine particles (usually fine metal or semiconductor particles) on a flexible plastic film substrate, in a desired pattern, with simultaneous application of oriented pressure and temperature. In an embodiment of this invention, there is disclosed a method for forming a printed silver wiring on a PET substrate. In the aforementioned embodiment, it is disclosed that Fujifilm Prescale (medium pressure and high pressure), which undergoes color change upon application of pressure such that the intensity of color can be directly correlated to the applied pressure, was used to ascertain the distribution of pressure during the pattern printing process.