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Patent Publication Number: US 8092737 B2

Title: Method of micro/nano imprinting

Filing Date: September 3, 2008

Priority Date: January 31, 2008

Inventor(s): Jer-Haur Chang, Yuet-Ping Lee, Lon A. Wang, Yung-Pin Chen

Original Assignee / Applicant(s): National Taiwan University

Link to Patent: US8092737B2


The present invention provides a method for imprinting micro/nano patterns on a non-planar or curved substrate, while preventing the curved surface from crumbling and obtaining uniform imprinting pressure distribution throughout the whole curved substrate. The set- up of the invention involves a chamber housing a stack comprising a curved substrate, a pre-shaping sealing film having a shape corresponding to the shape of the curved substrate, a mold, and a moldable layer disposed on a surface of the substrate. The pre-shaping sealing film covers the top surface of the curved substrate and divides the chamber into two portions - the first portion, above the pre-shaping sealing film, contains an inlet for introducing nitrogen gas into the chamber. The method involves applying a pressure to the stack when the moldable layer is heated to be in a moldable state and subsequently, cooling and relieving the pressure in the chamber to obtain a micro/nano imprinted curved surface. It has been disclosed that in order to investigate the pressure distribution over a curved imprint field, a pressure-sensitive film Fujifilm Prescale (LLW type) was placed between a pre-shaping sealing film and the curved substrate, and pressure was applied as per the regular procedure. Fujifilm Prescale changes color when it is subjected to pressure. The color intensity of Fujifilm Prescale is directly proportional to the applied pressure. Color density of the pressed film was measured by a densitometer detector and the resulting color density uniformity over the entire curved nanoimprint field under the gas pressure was computed and compared with a similar set-up wherein pre-shaping sealing film was not used. The results indicated that the pre-shaping sealing film provides excellent contact and uniform pressing pressure throughout the whole curved area.