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Patent Publication Number: US 7913538 B2

Title: Evaluation method for monitoring the effects of an impact on a structural composite material part

Filing Date: September 17, 2004

Priority Date: November 5, 2003

Inventor(s): Pascale Brassier, Patrick Peres

Original Assignee / Applicant(s): Eads Space Transportation Sas

Link to Patent: US7913538B2


This invention provides a method to evaluate the impact of low force shocks on structures made of composite material. In this invention, a Pressurex® film is used to cover the structure made of composite material and the impact is analyzed by observing the color change of the film in response to the pressure experienced by it. This color change or intensity is directly related to the force of the shock received by the film and the structure. The invention advocates using Pressurex® films of different pressure sensitivities - Low (25 - 100 bars), Medium (100 - 500 bars) and High (500 - 1300 bars).