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Patent Publication Number: US 7463854 B2

Title: Developing apparatus, processing cartridge, and image forming apparatus

Filing Date: June 18, 2007

Priority Date: June 23, 2006

Inventor(s): Shinichi Nishida, Kazunari Hagiwara, Yasushi Shimizu, Katsunori Yokoyama, Naoto Kichijima, Hirokazu Usami

Original Assignee / Applicant(s): Canon Kabushiki Kaisha

Link to Patent: US7463854B2


The present invention relates to a developing apparatus used in an image forming apparatus employing an electro-photography method. This invention discloses a sheet-shaped regulation member that regulates the amount of the developer material coming into contact with a developing roller, the said member supported by a supporting unit with an elastic force occurring by bending the said sheet-shaped regulation member in the longitudinal direction thereof, and a force received as a result of being pressed by a developing roller. This invention enables reduction in size of the developing apparatus. This publication acknowledges the use of Fujifilm Prescale for measuring contact pressures that are greater than those generated / observed in the working of the present invention.