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Patent Publication Number: US 7334383 B2

Title: Package and method of forming the package

Filing Date: July 28, 2005

Priority Date: December 26, 2001

Inventor(s): Junichi Yamazaki, Tetsuya Kusano, Mizuho Imaruoka, Satoshi Hasegawa, Kiyoshi Taniguchi, Takato Kiyohara, Naoki Nakatake

Original Assignee / Applicant(s): Ricoh Co Ltd

Link to Patent: US7334383B2


The present invention discloses a method of packing endless belts preventing the occurrence of damage or structural and/or surface changes in the belts. Photoreceptors, intermediate transfer belts and feeding belts are critical components in electrophotographic apparatuses that need to be protected from the occurence of any concavity/convexity or any other damage. When the belt-shaped electrophotographic photoreceptor develops a concavity or convexity, an image development irregularity occurs in the image developing process, resulting in a problem of partly faded or diminished images. Such damages can be prevented with the application of this invention. This invention is therefore, applicable in the electrophotography industry. The said method involves a first cylindrical body contacting an inner surface of the endless belt; a second cylindrical body contacting another inner surface of the endless belt; and a third cylindrical body contacting an outer surface of the endless belt, wherein the endless belt is wound around the first, second and third cylindrical bodies while the first, second and third cylindrical bodies are arranged so as to be parallel to each other and substantially located in one plane, and wherein a surface of each of the first, second and third cylindrical bodies contacting the endless belt has a maximum height of from 0.8 to 150 ?m when measured by a method based on JIS B 0601. In the present invention, the contact pressure between the endless belt and the cylindrical body is measured by Fujifilm Prescale [extremely ultralow pressure (LLLW), an ultralow pressure (LLW) and a low pressure (LW)].