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Patent Publication Number: US 6946182 B1

Title: Fringed surface structures obtainable in a compression molding process

Filing Date: July 17, 2000

Priority Date: July 16, 1999

Inventor(s): Thomas T. Allgeuer, Selim Bensason, Pak-Wing S. Chum, Jacquelyne A. deGroot, Robert H. Kelch, Wenbin Liang, Antonio Torres, Werner Wagner,

Original Assignee / Applicant(s): Thomas T. Allgeuer, et al

Link to Patent: US6946182B1


The present invention pertains to a mono-layer or multi-layer film, sheet, or coating comprising at least one layer that is a thermoplastic polymeric material and which is characterized by a fringed surface microstructure formed in a compression molding process. The product of the present invention has numerous applications, including use in hygienic products or garments. A preferred process to make the fringed film, sheet or coating of the present invention is a roller-based continuous compression molding process, wherein the polymeric film, sheet or coating is pre-heated to a temperature that is equal to or greater than its melting temperature and fed between two compression rollers. In this publication, it is disclosed that a critical process parameter governing the compression process, the nip pressure at the point of contact between the rolls, can be measured using Fujifilm Prescale.