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Patent Publication Number: US 6814676 B2

Title: Multi-piece solid golf ball

Filing Date: December 16, 2002

Priority Date: December 27, 2001

Inventor(s): Hideo Watanabe, Junji Umezawa, Yasushi Ichikawa, Rinya Takesue

Original Assignee / Applicant(s): Bridgestone Sports Co., Ltd.

Link to Patent: US6814676B2


This invention claims a multi-piece solid golf ball characterized by an outer layer cover that has a polyurethane based elastomer as a main component. The said golf ball is claimed to have optimal structural specifications, which apparently provide the said golf ball excellence in flight performance, feeling characteristic, and controllability, and improved scratch resistance and durability against hitting. While evaluating the performance (controllability upon flier) of the golf ball of the present invention, Fujifilm Prescale® (medium pressure) was stuck on the face portion of a #9 iron club and the golf ball was hit with the said club, and an amount of spin of the golf ball was measured. A parameter called the 'spin retention ratio' was measured in this test. The said parameter is defined as a percentage ratio of the spin amount in the case where the prescale is stuck on the club face to the spin amount in the case where the prescale is not stuck on the club face. The use of Fujifilm Prescale® in the aforementioned manner was apparently for simulating a state where grass is sandwiched between a club face and the golf ball. The spin retention ratio was found to be greater than 43% and consequently, the golf ball of the present invention was inferred to have good controllability upon flier, even when grass or the like was sandwiched between the club and the ball.