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Patent Publication Number: US 20130042332 A1

Title: Device and method for inducing brain injury in animal test subjects

Filing Date: August 8, 2012

Priority Date: August 9, 2011

Inventor(s): Zhiyong Chen, et al

Original Assignee / Applicant(s): Zhiyong Chen, et al

Link to Patent: US20130042332A1


This invention discloses a device and method for inducing mild brain concussion in test animals. In the embodiments of this invention, Fujifilm Prescale of Sensor Products Inc., is laminated on the outer and inner wall surface of a helmet covering the test animal's head. When a projectile impacts the helmet, the pressure of the impact causes the films to change color. The Fujifilm Prescale provides data such as impact pressure magnitude and distribution. Topaq Pressure Analysis System (Sensor Products, Inc.). is used for the aforementioned analysis.