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Patent Publication Number: US 20100076282 A1

Title: Medical sensor and technique for using the same

Filing Date: September 25, 2008

Priority Date: September 25, 2008

Inventor(s): Donald Sandmore

Original Assignee / Applicant(s): Nellcor Puritan Bennett Llc

Link to Patent: US20100076282A1


This invention discloses a medical device for sensing and monitoring physiological parameters of a patient by placing a sensor, like a pulse oximetry sensor, in close contact with a patient's skin or any other tissue. In one embodiment, such a device is presented in the form of a hat or a headband. In order to ensure that excessive force greater than that required to keep the pulse oximetry sensor in contact with the tissue is not exerted by the device, Pressurex® film, of Sensor Products, Inc., is placed on the inner surface of the hat. The Pressurex® film increases in the intensity of its red color as a function of the amount of force applied. Based on this observation, a patient or a caregiver can adjust the sensor assembly so that less pressure is exerted on the tissue or may choose a larger hat to fit the patient.