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Patent Publication Number: US 20060084036 A1

Title: Interproximal cavitation detection device and method

Filing Date: October 14, 2004

Priority Date: October 14, 2004

Inventor(s): Daniel Boston

Original Assignee / Applicant(s): Boston Daniel W

Link to Patent: US20060084036A1


This invention discloses a device and method for diagnosing enamel cavitation of human interproximal tooth surface that is not visible and cannot be probed by instrumentation of the prior-art. This device uses Pressurex® Tactile Pressure Indicating Film, Micro Film Type™ (pressure range 2-20 psi) of Sensor Products, Inc. to detect enamel cavitation. Pressurex® Tactile Pressure Indicating Film is placed on the surface of this device and the device is pressed into the surface of the patient's tooth. Since the film changes color according to the pressure exerted on it, areas where the interproximal surface has cavitated will not cause a change in color of the film whereas areas where the interproximal surface is intact will cause a change in color of the film.