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Patent Publication Number: US 20030045883 A1

Title: Rotating track cutting guide system

Filing Date: April 12, 2002

Priority Date: August 23, 2001

Inventor(s): Steven Chow, Ramon Gustilo

Original Assignee / Applicant(s): Steven Chow, Gustilo Ramon B.

Link to Patent: US20030045883A1


This invention discloses a cutting guide system for precision bone cutting in the process of preparing bone joint structures for implantation of artificial joint prostheses. Once the bone structure is prepared to receive an implant, the surgical procedure to place the prostheses or implant at the prepared bone structure site begins. Ultra Low Pressurex® film (Sensor Products, Inc.) is used to determine whether the implant has been properly placed at the desired bone structure site. The highly pressure-sensitive Ultra Low Pressurex® film has two layers - a transfer sheet containing microcapsules of color forming substance and a developer sheet containing a material that can react with the color forming substance of the transfer sheet and generate a red color. The two layers are separated and placed gently one over the other. Both these layers are then placed at the desired bone structure site while ensuring that the two layers of the film do not react inadvertently. When an implant is placed at the desired bone structure site atop the film layers, the layers of the film react in response to the pressure exerted on them by the implant and generate a red color or stain. The colored areas on the film represent regions where the prosthesis and bone were in contact. Unstained areas indicate the location of the gaps between the implant and the cut bone.