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Patent Publication Number: EP 0988082 B1

Title: Pressure-sensitive balloon catheter

Filing Date: March 12, 1999

Priority Date: March 13, 1998

Inventor(s): Stephen M. Grantz, John Hudson

Original Assignee / Applicant(s): Medtronic Ave, Inc.

Link to Patent: EP0988082B1


This invention is a balloon catheter, used in angioplasty or for placement of stent in a patient's artery, which contains a Pressurex® film, of Sensor Products, Inc., on its outer surface. The film changes in color in response to the pressure exerted against it. A physician can verify whether appropriate amounts of pressure were applied to all portions of a patient's artery or a stent within a patient's artery by removing the balloon catheter, verifying the color change, and observing the patterns of colors on the balloon, followed by comparing it to a color chart to determine the pressure that was exerted against the film. "Ultra Low" 1,9 - 5,8 bar (28-85 psi) and "Super Low" 4,8 - 24,1 bar (70-350 psi) pressure ranges of Pressurex® film are useful in balloon catheter applications.