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Fujifilm Prescale Related Published Patent Summaries

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Patent List

Apparatus, system, and process for determining characteristics of a surface of a papermaking fabric

Colour-changing absorbent article

Conductive pattern forming film, and conductive pattern forming method and conductive pattern forming apparatus for the conductive pattern forming film

Developing apparatus

Developing apparatus, processing cartridge, and image forming apparatus

Device and method for inducing brain injury in animal test subjects

Devices and methods for wearable injection guides

Doneness indicator

Evaluation method for monitoring the effects of an impact on a structural composite material part

Fringed surface structures obtainable in a compression molding process

Gas diffusion electrode and method of making the same

Headgear tensioning device for mask

Hip protection system

Interproximal cavitation detection device and method

Medical sensor and technique for using the same

Medical sensor and technique for using the same

Method and apparatus for producing conductive material

Method and laminated member for measuring gap dimension

Method for evaluating battery safety under internal short-circuit condition, battery and battery pack whose safety is identified by internal short-circuit safety evaluation method, and method for producing the same

Method of evaluating the consequences of an impact on a piece of structural composite material, for test purposes

Method of micro/nano imprinting

Multi-piece solid golf ball

Package and method of forming the package

Pad conditioner setup

Physical/chemical uniform pressure indicating constructs including chemistries, films and devices configurations

Plastic orthodontic appliance having mechanical bonding base and method of making same

Polyethylene hip joint prosthesis with extended range of motion

Pressure distribution image analysis process

Pressure sensing vertebroplasty extension tube

Pressure-sensitive balloon catheter

Pressure-sensitive system and method of testing electronic device interconnections

Printed electronic device and methods of determining the electrical value thereof

Process for making an embossed web

Projectile that includes a sensor to obtain environmental data during launch from a cannon

Rotating track cutting guide system

Sensor and a method of making a sensor

Sensor for high pressure processing of articles

Stress sensor based on periodically inserted color-changing tactile films to detect mishandling of fiber optic cables

System for matching a golf ball to a player's swing characteristics

Systems and methods for wearable injection guides

Thermal transfer image recording composite sheet

Thermal transfer receiving sheet, production method thereof and image forming method using the sheet

Thermoplastic polyurethane elastomers

Ultrasonic horn assembly stack component connector having threadless segment

Winding glass ribbon by tensioning interleaving material

Wound golf ball