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Web handling expertise via seminars or on location

2008 seminar schedule

Seminars For Engineers, USA, offers a new technical seminar, Web Handling 1: Understanding Web Handling Systems (an all new update to the its previous seminar). The 2008 course dates and locations are June 17-18 in Montreal, Canada; August 19-20 in Raleigh, NC; and December 9-10 in Chicago, IL.

This seminar teaches the must-know areas of web handling, including tension control, roller design and alignment, nips, guiding, wrinkling and spreading. The training will address these topics at all levels, providing rules of thumb and their basis in engineering mechanics.

Instructed by Tim Walker, a web handling technology authority, the course is applicable to any web-based product, including paper, film, metals, nonwovens, textiles, or any combination of coated or laminated webs. It is intended for product and process designers, process engineers, quality, maintenance and lead operators, as well as sales and service personnel.

On-site help
Seminars For Engineers also offers to bring their seminars and consulting expertise on site to any company's location, saving staff travel time and costs. Large groups of employees can be trained at one time and focus on specialized problem areas that require specific, hard-to-find expertise.

Consultants with diverse technical backgrounds and extensive experience provide quick and practical insights that often result in immediate solutions and cost savings. Areas of expertise include heating and cooling of the web, coating, drying, laminating, slitting, winding, tension control, and alignment, among others

Seminars For Engineers offers a free 20-minute consultation, call 877.755.2272 (in the US and Canada) or 973-560-9092, or visit: