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Article: Cosmetic Personal Care

Film Ensures That Pressed Powder Is Evenly Packed

This photo shows Pressurex's visual analysis of where pressure, measured in pounds per square inch (psi), was unevenly distributed in a compact.
This photo shows Pressurex®'s visual analysis of where pressure, measured in pounds per square inch (psi), was unevenly distributed in a compact.

At the EastPack trade show in June 2007, Sensor Products Inc. (Madison, NJ) reported that a leading cosmetic company recently used Sensor Products' Pressurex® film to ensure that its pressed powder was uniformly compressed in a compact.

Pressurex®'s flexible film measures the amount of force that is exerted by one surface onto another. It also measures distribution of pressure and indicates if more pressure is exerted in some areas than others.

The film was placed between the powder's surface and the compacting equipment. After the compacting equipment pressed down on the film, the film's color turned darker in areas where more pressure had been applied, and lighter in areas where less pressure had been applied. This indicated whether or not the powder was evenly compacted. The film was analyzed using Sensor Products' Topaq® imaging system.

According to Carlos Ruiz, technical sales manager for Sensor Products, this was the first cosmetic application of its kind for Pressurex®. By indicating when pressure distribution was uneven and when the compacting equipment needed to be recalibrated, the film helped to eliminate scrap of compacts that weren't properly filled.

New Colorants Developed for Biodegradable Plastics

PolyOne Corp. (Cleveland) has introduced colorants and additives specifically designed for biodegradable plastics. According to Poly-One, the colorants and additives don't interfere with the composting of biodegradable materials. They also meet several global composting standards, including EN 13432 (European Union), ASTM D6400 (United States), EPS GREENPLA (Japan), and DIN CERTO (Germany).

The colorants and additives can be used during extrusion molding and blow molding of the following plastics:

  • Polylactic acid (PLA).
  • Polyhydroxybutyrate valerate co-polymer (PHBV).
  • Polybutylene Succinate (PBS).
  • Polybutylene Adipate Cotereph-thalate (PBAT).
  • Starch blends.

OnColor BIO Colorants are available in a range of transparent and opaque colors. The OnCap BIO Additives line includes antistatic, UV protection, and antifog additives.

"OnColor BIO Colorants and OnCap BIO Additives enable our customers to manufacture products with low environmental impact," said John Van Hulle, vice president and general manager, North American Color, PolyOne. "We developed these new colorants and additives in direct response to requests from our customers around the world for products based on sustainable materials."