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Sensor Products Introduces Fuji Prescale® Film

Sensor Products Inc. has introduced Fuji Prescale® pressure film, which can verify the actual contact pressure of bolted joints, fasteners, clamps, O-rings, flanges, gaskets, valves and connectors. Films from Sensor Products reveal pressures from two pounds per square inch (PSI) to 43,200 PSI.

Fuji Prescale® is a tactile pressure-indicating sensor film that reveals surface pressure magnitude and distribution between contacting or impacting surfaces. When placed between the surfaces, it permanently turns different shades of red, with the color intensity being directly proportional to the amount of pressure applied.

No instrumentation is required, but the film impression can be digitalized through imaging. Topaq®, an imaging analysis program, assigns colors to pressure values. This graphic reveals pressure variations in a bolted joint interface.

Prescale® speeds assembly by quickly validating and confirming sufficient bolt torque to assure uniform interfacial pressure, according to the company. To adjust torque values, the film is placed at the bolted joint interface and the bolts are tightened to apply pressure. The film is then removed and reviewed to see if the pressure is uniform.