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Sensor Products Inc. Announces It is Offering FUJI Prescale® Film for Measuring Precise Nip Pressure Magnitude and Distribution

Sensor Products Inc. is an official distributor of Fujifilm Prescale® in the U. S. A., Canada, Mexico, and the Caribbean only. Fuji Prescale®, developed by Fujifilm, is a tactile pressure indicating sensor film that is placed between contacting rollers to reveal surface pressure magnitude and distribution. When the nip closes, the application of force causes the films coating to permanently change color directly proportional to the amount of pressure applied. A high resolution image map of pressure is immediately produced which corresponds in PSI or kg/cm² to a color correlation chart. No instrumentation is required. Fuji Prescale® is fast, accurate and cost effective. Rollers composed of any material, including rubber, steel and composite can be tested. Minute imperfections at the rollers surface are immediately revealed. Roller parallelism and alignment can be precisely achieved by using the sensor film during set up, production, and maintenance procedures.

Nip Pressure Profile Film from Sensor Products Inc.
Mold-Align® captures a permanent image of pressure variation.

Pressure indicating films offered by Sensor Products Inc. measure pressure from 2 - 43,500 PSI (0.5 - 3,000 kg/cm²). For over 20 years, the company has been a worldleader in tactile surface pressure and force sensor measurement, offering a full range of nip-related products for static and dynamic measurement.