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Article: Welding and Cutting

Temperature distribution film

Thermex® is an economical thin film that can be used in virtually any application to monitor heated contacting surfaces from 200 to 300F (93 to 149C). It may be used alone or in conjunction with pressure indicating film from Sensor Products. Upon exposure to heat, Thermex® (Fig. 1) changes colour instantaneously and permanently to reveal temperature distribution between any two contacting or mating surfaces. The intensity of this colour change directly relates to the temperature it was exposed to enabling the film to reveal spot high or low temperature zones and minute surface variations. Invasive intolerant environments and interfaces that arent easily accessed with traditional temperature indicators and infrared thermometers are among candidates for the distribution film. A sheet of Thermex® is available in 14 by 17 (35.6 by 43.2 cm) format. It can be easily trimmed for smaller applications or custom cut to defined dimensions. Common applications include heat sealing, lamination/press, flat web-type machines used in converting, ultrasonic welding, heat sinking and clutch/brake interfaces. Post processing analysis of Thermex® is available for temperature fluctuations that need to be analysed with great precision.

Thermex Sensor Film
Thermex® temperature distribution film enhanced by Topaq® Analysis