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Thermex® Sensor Film Allows Engineers To Quickly Check And Correct Surface Temperature Variations In Heat Sealing And Ultrasonic Welding Of Packaging

Madison, NJ - Thermal management is crucial for proper heat sealing of packaging. To achieve this, Sensor Products Inc. is offering Thermex® temperature distribution film.

Thermex® is an economical thin sensor material that can be used in heat sealing and ultrasonic welding of packaging to quickly diagnose the temperature at the interface of heated contacting platens or rollers. Temperatures ranging from 200 to 300F (93 to 149C) fall within Thermexs range. Traditional methods of thermal management do not necessarily reveal that uniform temperature distribution at the interface of the heat seal has been achieved.

Upon exposure to heat, Thermex® changes color instantaneously and permanently to reveal temperature distribution between any two contacting surfaces. The intensity of this color change directly relates to the temperature it was exposed to enabling Thermex® to reveal spot high or low temperature zones and minute surface variations. These fluctuations cause improper sealing and need to be corrected to ensure quality control. Sensor Products Inc.s website includes the minimum heat sealing temperatures of several materials used in packaging that fall within the specified temperatures of Thermex® testing.

Many plastics used in packaging fall within Thermexs temperature range. Vertical form and fill machines as well as vacuum and flat web machines may be candidates for this product. Thermex® may be used alone or in conjunction with Fuji Prescale® pressure indicating film from Sensor Products Inc. As Thermex® is used to measure temperature distribution along the point of contact, its use extends to virtually all interfaces that arent easily accessed with traditional temperature indicators and infrared thermometers.

While test results with Thermex® may be saved for archival purposes, the films low cost renders it inherently disposable. Post processing analysis of Thermex is available for temperature fluctuations that need to be analyzed with great precision. For a complimentary sample of Fuji Prescale® film or more information about Thermex®, call Sensor Products Inc. 1.973.884.1755 email, or view Many items from Sensor Products Inc. are available through their shopping cart online

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