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Article: The Fabricator

Temperature-distribution paper

Sensor Products offers Thermex® temperature-distribution paper, a thin paper that can be used in almost any application that involves contacting surfaces heated to 200 to 300 degrees F. It is suitable for use in intolerant environments that arent easily accessed with traditional temperature indicators.

Upon exposure to heat, the paper changes color instantly and permanently to reveal temperature distribution between any two contacting surfaces. The intensity of this color change relates directly to the temperature to which it was exposed, enabling the paper to reveal spot high or low temperature zones and minute surface variations.

While the used material is disposable, it can be saved for archival purposes. Sheets measure 14 by 17 in. and can be trimmed for smaller applications or custom-cut.

Applications include heat sealing, lamination/press, converting, metallurgical welding, ultrasonic welding, heat sinking, and clutch/brake interfaces.