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Article: The Northwest Horse Source

Equestrics® Takes Guess Work Out of Saddle Fitting

A new high-tech product may make poorly-designed or poorfitting saddles and bad riding posture things of the past.

Equestrics® maps and measures the pressure a rider exerts on horse and saddle. A thin, flexible sensor pad placed beneath the saddle acts like a human skin to measure the shifting pressure of the rider in the saddle. Colorful mapping is instantaneously displayed through a standard Windows-based laptop. Easy-to-use software makes it possible to zoom in on regions of interest as well as create graphs and statistics.

Equestrics® can help saddlers and trainers to determine optimum saddle fit, improve rider and horse performance and communication, and assess gait, asymmetry and biomechanical problems. The product was developed by Sensor Products Inc., a leading producer of industrial test products.

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Pressure profile of rider's buttocks and thighs on a saddle