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Article: Aviation Maintenance

Engineers Get Onboard

Aviation design engineers and structural analysts can benefit equally from composite repair training — especially if they find themselves tasked with helping write an SRM for a new composite aircraft or design a composite repair. Consultant Scott Beckwith of BTG Composites teaches "Composite Materials Design, Testing and Fabrication" and "Composite Materials Failure Analysis and Repair" for Seminars for Engineers. He believes that it's important to convey "a firm understanding of what damage has been inflicted in a composite component and under what accept/reject criteria a repair should or should not be initiated." This, he says, combined with sufficient materials science to consider the way a repair affects material behavior under load, will reinforce that a truly successful repair restores design allowables "as if there had never been damage and repair." Beckwith has been developing and presenting composites training internationally for nearly 30 years. The next session of Composites Failure Analysis and Repair is Nov. 4- 5 in Miami. "All of our engineering courses include hands-on fabrication of test specimens that are tested to failure and compared to design predictions," says Hoke of the Abaris lineup: "Repair Analysis and Substantiation," "Composite Laminate Design and Analysis," "Design of Composite Structures" and "Design and Analysis of Composite Structural Joints." In 2010, an "Advanced Composite Design Analysis" course will be added.

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