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Article: Photovoltaics World

Pressure Sensor Film

Pressurex® is a surface-pressure-indicating film that reveals pressure magnitude and distribution between contracting/mating surfaces. It helps solar cell fabs reduce peripheral cracks on solar cells by providing a low-cost method of quality control checks during equipment setup and calibration, and requalification of a solar module production line. Lamination, the frame press stage, and attachment of junction boxes benefit from QC checks. Pressurex® ensures proper pressure magnitude to cause polymerization and securely bond multiple layers during EVA and PVB lamination. It can also help verify adequate frame-to-module edge sealing. The Mylar-based sensor film reveals surface pressure from 2-43,000 PSI (0.14-3,000kg/cm²). When the surfaces are compressed around the film, the force causes color change, varying by pressure. This allows precise determination of pressure magnitude by comparing the resultant sensor film’s color to a color calibration reference chart. The sensor film is so sensitive that it picks up defects that cannot be seen visually, such as micro cracks and surface aberrations.