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Tactile Sensor

Tactile is an adjective meaning perceptible to the sense of touch, and a Tactile Sensor is a device that is sensitive to touch or pressure. All of us are familiar with common tactile sensors such as cat whiskers and our fingers.

Industrially, tactile sensors are employed wherever interactions between a contact surface and the environment are to be measured and registered. This is especially important for the robotics industry. In order for robots to perform delicate tasks, they must have sensory apparatus that is functionally equivalent to human touch. The Tactilus® sensor system, manufactured by Sensor Products, can provide the sensory information needed for such robotic applications.

The Tactilus® free form sensor system is one of severa sensor systems manufactured by Sensor Products Inc. It is a user constructed tactile sensor system that provides flexibility and ease of use. The free form approach allows the user to select the precise location for data collection. Designed for multi-axis or curvaceous topographies, the Tactilus® free form sensor system provides engineers with the capability to collect and assimilate data from up to 32 separate sensor elements simultaneously. Each sensor (see Figure 4) is individually calibrated, sequentially serialized, and quality tested to ensure the highest repeatability and accuracy. In addition, the sensor assemblies feature ergonomic and high-quality Berg connectors, ensuring durable interconnection

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