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Pressure Recording Film

Pressure Recording Film is used to measure pressure exerted between any two objects that come into contact. The term Pressure Recording Film is synonymous with Fujifilm Prescale®, which is a Mylar®-based film that contains a layer of microcapsules. When the microcapsules are crushed, the Pressure Recording Film turns a shade of red. The intensity of the color is proportional to the amount of pressure. The coloration ranges from light pink at low pressure to dark magenta at high pressure.

Pressure Recording Film is routinely used by biomedical scientists to aid them in their research. For example, a group from the Tokyo Metropolitan Bokutoh Hospital in Tokyo, Japan, authored the following paper: Hiroshi Fujita, Junji Tomiyama, and Shigeko Nishimura, High Contact Pressure Resulting from Bone Marrow Puncture, Open Journal of Blood Diseases, 2012, 2, pp 56-58. The purpose of this research was to determine the contact pressure associated with bone puncture to facilitate bone marrow aspiration. This is an important study since excessive pressure, during this procedure, can result in death.

The Pressure Recording Film used for this work was Fujifilm Prescale®, medium grade, with a pressure range of 1050 megapascals (MPa) and an operating temperature range of 20 °C28 °C since the average ambient room temperature during the trials was approximately 23 °C under dry test conditions. Cork board was used to simulate bone during the tests. Figure 1 is a picture of the bone puncture needle. The experienced hematologists, who performed the punctures, did so from their knee and hip positions. Figure 2 shows a representative picture of the post-test Pressure Recording Film. The coloration in the center is from the needle, and the outer ring is from the circular disk (stopper) above the needle.

Bone Marrow Puncture Device

Fig 1: Bone Puncture Device Used for Bone Marrow Aspiration

Pressure Recording

Fig 2: Pressure Recording Film After a Representative Test

After every test trial, each Pressure Recording Film sheet was scanned using Prescale® Data Shot FPD 100 (Fujifilm Co). The scans were subsequently analyzedusing Prescale® pressure imaging and analysis software FPD-100S (Fujifilm Co)to obtain quantitative results for the trials. Figure 3 gives the quantitative results of the study.

Test Results

Fig 3: Quantitative Results of the Study to Measure Contact Pressure Associated with Bone Puncture to Facilitate Bone Marrow Aspiration

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