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Pressure Measurement Paper

Pressure Measurement Paper is used to measure force or pressure that occurs when two items come into contact. Biomedical researchers frequently use Pressure Measurement Paper to study interactions between medical professionals and their patients. For example, when studying general anesthesia procedures, M Carassiti, et al, used Prescale Pressure Measurement Paper to evaluate the forces applied to soft tissues of the throat by GlideScope and Macintosh laryngoscopes. (Force and Pressure Distribution Using Macintosh and GlideScope Laryngoscopes in Normal and Difficult Airways: A Manikin Study, M Carassiti, R Zanzonico, S Cecchini, S Silvestri, R Cataldo and F E Agr, British Journal of Anaesthesia 108 (1), pp 14651, 2012)

Pressure readings for the study were obtained using Prescale Pressure Measurement Paper, Ultra Low, Code LLLW, a two-sheet system having donor and receiver sheets as shown in Figure 1. The photo shows the sheets before and after placement on the Laryngoscopes. Table 1 gives results from a series of trials. In the table, Normal is for normal airways, C for cervical immobilization, and T for tongue edema.

Laryngoscope Blades

Fig 1: Positioning of the Prescale Pressure Measurement Paper on the Tips of the Laryngoscope Blades, Macintosh at Left and GlideScope on Right.

Success Rate Table

Table 1: Successful Rate (%) and Forces (N) Applied by Anesthetists and Trainees Using Macintosh (M) or GlideScope (G) Laryngoscopes in Three Different Scenarios.

The testing approach used for this study, differs from other previously reported research. Other investigators determined pressure using strain gauge sensors, force-displacement transducers, a dynamometer, multiple force transducers, and piezoelectric sensors. The reproducibility of those methods was found to be limited, and in some instances, the laryngoscopes had to be modified. However, using Prescale Pressure Measurement Paper was easy to implement, and data from the trials were simple to interpret. The other added benefit was that the Pressure Measurement Paper showed the pressure distribution across the entire surface in contact with the soft tissue of the manikin.

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