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Heat Sealing

How to determine pressure distribution and magnitude when performing heat sealing

No heat sealing equipment is perfect, so it is important to characterize and optimize the performance of the equipment in order to ensure product quality. To consistently deliver quality heat sealing, it is necessary to evaluate the pressure magnitude and distribution exerted by the contacting heat sealing platens, whether flat or rotary. Fortunately, it is possible to do this quickly, accurately, and economically with Fujifilm Prescale® sensor film. The figure below shows a 3D representation based on data collected by Fujifilm Prescale® film that was inserted between two platens in a heat sealing system.

3D Pressure Characterization of a Heat Seal

3D Pressure Characterization of a Heat Seal

Fujifilm Prescale® is a flexible Mylar-based film that consists of layer tiny microcapsules. When force is applied, these microcapsules rupture producing an instantaneous and permanent high resolution “topographical” image of pressure variation across the contact area. In this example, the film immediately depicts the pressure distribution profile of the heat sealing jaws, allowing a determination of the amount of adjustment needed for the heat sealing platens.